Things You'll Relate To If You've Been Living in Sweatpants

While the world is falling apart around us, there's one thing for which we're eternally grateful: sweatpants.

Social distancing means that most of us are stuck in our house day in and day out. While there's plenty to be annoyed about in this situation, sweatpants aren't one of them. In fact, the ability to wear sweats all day, every day is practically the only thing holding us together right now.

As much as we'd like to pretend we get all dolled up for ourselves and not other people, we now know the truth: Given the choice, we'd choose sweatpants every time. Keep scrolling for 11 things you'll relate to if you've been living in sweats.

1. Before social distancing, sweats weren't really your thing. Unless you could pull off that one hipster-y style, sweats felt lazy and unflattering.

2. Now, however, you realize that sweats are the ultimate choice in clothing. If you get the right pair, they can totally flatter your figure. And if they don't flatter your figure, who cares? Sweats are about comfort above all. If you look a little bulky, it's just an element of your new signature style.

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3. Although you started this quarantine believing you had an excess of loungewear, you now realize that you were completely wrong. You don't have nearly enough sweats to survive this difficult time in your life. Why were you wasting money on jeans rather than investing in the ultimate comfort of sweats?

4. Since you don't have enough sweats on hand, you've been doing laundry much more regularly.

5. Either that, or you've been wearing the same pair of sweats for many days in a row. Too many to count, actually.

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6. Now that you're wearing your sweats more regularly, you have a clear hierarchy for your loungewear. Certain sweats can be worn all the time, while you can suffer in one pair for only a single day before you need to switch back to your faves.

7. Plus, you've also separated your sweatpants into categories. Certain sweats are disgusting and gross, but oh-so-comfy. You can wear those when you know for a fact you'll hardly leave your bed all day long. If you have a Zoom call planned, however, you'll switch into a trendier pair of sweats. They're not quite as comfy, but they do make you look like less of a hobo.

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8. Instead of fantasizing about buying new blouses and cute pairs of jeans, you're now spending hours online shopping for sweats. If you buy the right pair, you can even wear your new threads long after quarantine is over. In fact, if quarantine continues for much longer, you might not wear jeans ever again.

9. Speaking of jeans, you're not even sure if your jeans still fit. You haven't touched them in weeks, and you can't bring yourself to test out the unforgiving fabric. Sweats don't judge you like jeans do.

10. You've tried on your jeans just a couple of times to be sure that they still fit. Once you realized you could still button your pants, however, you ditched the rough fabric and slid back into your sweats.

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11. Your love affair with sweats probably won't end any time soon. Even when you can go back outside, convincing yourself to wear anything that doesn't have an elastic waist will feel like cruel and unusual punishment.




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