15 Show-Stopping Pairs of Socks

Socks are a beautiful, wonderful thing.

Not only do they keep your toes warm and comfy, they allow you to show off your unique style in the most subtle way—it's really a shame they're hidden by our shoes!

Check out these 15 pairs of  eye-catching socks that'd we'd gladly show off to the world.


1. Stacked Donut Socks: $8

Socks or actual donuts? It's pretty hard to tell, because the frosting on these bad boys looks real and delish.

Stacked donut socks

(via Living Royal)

2. Monkeying Around Socks: $8

You're not going to want to ever wear your tennis shoes when you slip on these socks. Hello, cuteness. That baby monkey face deserves to be seen by the world!

Monkeying around socks from Living Royal

(via Living Royal)


3. Pizza Socks: $8

Pizza. On. Socks. What could be better?

Pizza socks from Living Royal

(via Living Royal)


4. Taco Socks: $7.50

Let's taco 'bout this insanely cute pair of socks. They're perfect for your next Taco Bell run or Taco Tuesday, right?!

Taco socks

(via The Sock Drawer)


5. Corgi Socks: $7.50

Considering that Corgis are one of the most adorbs dogs on this planet, we highly recommend you purchase this too-cute-for-words pair of socks. Drool-worthy.

Socks with a corgi wearing a bandana on them

(via The Sock Drawer)


6. Holy Cow Socks: $7.50

Holy cow. These are hilarious, and you need them now.

Socks with a cow with wings on them

(via The Sock Drawer)


7. Mac N' Cheese Socks: $7.50

If mac n' cheese truly is your fave meal, why aren't these in your sock drawer?


Socks with Mac N' Cheese on them

(via The Sock Drawer)


8. Cheez-It Socks: $14.99

When placed side by side, this pair of socks looks like a real box of Cheez-Its. If only they came with a complimentary box of the cheesy goodness.

Cheez-It Socks


(via Odd Sox)


9. PB&J Socks: $14.99

It's peanut butter and jelly time, girls. Who wouldn't want to rep their sandwich of choice with these?

PB&J Socks


(via Odd Sox)


10. Pop-Tarts Socks: $14.99

All we have to say is these Pop-Tarts socks are everything we could ever hope and dream for.

Pop-Tarts socks (via Odd Sox)


11. Tropic Fever Socks: $14

We're taking this pair with us on vacation! We're a little in love with the tropical vibe they're giving off. ????

Tropical black, white and pink socks


(via Stance)


12. Lace Pink Sock: $16

These pastel, lace beauties come from Rihanna's sock line she has with Stance. If we can look anything like Rihanna wearing these, we're in.

Lace pink socks from Stance


(via Stance)


13. Mermaid Socks: $15

Since we can't have actual fins, I guess we'll have to settle for these majestic knee-high socks. ????

Mermaid socks from Living Royal

(via Living Royal)


14. Bunnies in Disguise Socks: $7.50

If you don't get a laugh from your besties while wearing these cute socks, they're missing their funny bones! These are hilarious.

Bunnies in Disguise socks

(via Luxe Apothetique)


15. Soft Serve Socks: $7.50

And finally, how could you live without these super sweet soft serve socks? Beyond cute.

Soft serve socks

(via Sock Smith)


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