Liz Gillies and Avan Jogia Cover "Wild Side!"

Liz Gillies posted a video to her YouTube earlier this month of her and former Victorious costar Avan Jogia! Watch as Liz Gillies and Avan Jogia duet!

liz gillies and avan jogia cover wild side

The two covered Lou Reed's "Wild Side" and totally made it their own! We love the laid back vibe of this cover, and it's awesome to see Avan rocking on the guitar. Both stars have amazing voices. We really wish we could see them sing more often!

We're super excited to find out that the two are still hanging out and being creative together, even if they're not working together any more!

We've been missing the Nickeleon stars since the end of Victorious earlier this year.

Lucky for us, Avan Jogia's new mystery-thriller series, Twisted, premiered in March on ABC Family and we've absolutely been loving it!

We hope that Liz will start appearing in more shows, too! Maybe a guest appearance on Twisted? We'll see!

Tell us what you thought of the cover in the comments below!