Let's Take a Second to Appreciate Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn Star Lizzy Greene

We think it's worth noting that Dawn on Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn understands the struggles that come with having siblings.

We have the utmost appreciation for her as a character, but we also have a lot of love for Lizzy Greene outside of the show.

The Nickelodeon actress shared a few fun facts about herself this week that you'll definitely want to know. Scroll through for the 411!

Lizzy Greene #WCW art

(Photo Credit: Bobby Quillard)

Name: Lizzy Greene

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Birthday: May 1

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Fun Facts:

1. She totally understands our lack of coordination. "I am incredibly clumsy and have taken many spills in public," she revealed to Sweety High. "I have also been known to spill my drink at the dinner table." We get it Lizzy, the struggle is real.

2. She loves baking but isn't into cheeseburgers, fries and salad dressing. We'll assume girls' night consists of cupcakes and pizza only. We're cool with that.

#bts Girls World Magazine cover shoot. My favorite muffin to eat and make is Pumpkin Chocolate Chip ????

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3. When back in her hometown, she loves visiting old friends. "My second grade teacher Karen Szeryk and myself are very good friends," she said. "She was the person that gave me the nickname Lizzy."

4. When she's not on set, she's super active. Her fave activities are yoga, boxing, and gymnastics. She obviously has the yoga moves down, we wish we could say the same. ????

5. Her motto is to be in the moment and live life to the fullest. She describes herself as the type of person who won't think about tomorrow if she's having fun today. These are wise words we should all remember to follow!

6. She loves Broadway musicals. It's her dream to see Hamilton one day in New York.

getting to see a beautiful musical tonight❤ @ameliebroadway !!!

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7. She's known to bust out a good impression every now and then. "Some of my favorites to do are the Nail Salon and King Burger by Anjelah Johnson," she shared. She also loves doing anything Saturday Night Live and Ariana Grande-related.

8. She worked with the organization PACER to design this rad tee. They're dedicated to ending all different types of bullying and Lizzy is also completely on board with this cause. Yep, just another reason we heart her so much.


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