This Fingerprint-Reading Notebook Will Keep Your Secret Diary Safe

Keeping a pen-to-paper journal is a risky business.

If you're anything like us, you'd prefer scrawling your most personal thoughts and doodles on stationery over typing them up any day of the week. Of course, keeping a physical journal puts your confidential information at the mercy of snooping eyes.

That's why we've fallen in love with the Lockbook, a high-tech solution to that ages-old problem. It's a new notebook that utilizes a biometric sensor to scan and read your fingerprint, making you the only person who can get inside.

Lockbook fingerprint sensor

To get started with the Lockbook, you'll need to first get the system to recognize your prints. Before you register your fingerprints, it'll open with anyone's fingerprint, so get this done before you start writing!

First, you'll want to make sure the Lockbook is holding a charge. It may feel a little odd at first to plug your journal into a USB port, but it charges quickly and doesn't require much energy to operate. Next, you'll need to use the pin to reset the journal and log your fingerprints.

Lockbook with pick and charging cable

I'll admit that I found the back-of-the-box instructions for registering fingerprints a little confusing, but once I watched a tutorial video online I was able to register my prints on the first try. You can register up to two fingerprints, so you can either register two of your own or share it with a friend as a special BFF journal.

Once you've set it up, all you have to do is press your finger against the sensor, wait a second for it to recognize you and slide down the latch to open up the Lockbook.

You might expecting a locking notebook to be bulky, but the Lockbook is conveniently compact. It's about seven inches across, nine 1/2 inches tall and a little over an inch thick, so it'll fit perfectly in your book bag.

Lockbook side view fingerprint reader



The inside of the book features various pockets, stretchy straps and slots for you to use in whichever ways suit you. It also comes preloaded with lots of dotted grid, lined and blank pages which you can configure in any way you choose.

lockbook features inside

We weren't previously too familiar with six-ring memo books, but they're not hard to find online when you need refills. You can also buy more sheets directly from Lockbook. lockbook interior pages

It's tough to capture on-camera, but our orange Lockbook also has a lovely lace pattern. There are 10 color and pattern variations in total, and they all look quite nice. The polished look has another benefit—it'll make someone think twice before using brute force to try to bust your journal open and ruin something so pretty.

lockbook lace pattern

You can't currently buy a Lockbook of your own, but keep your eye on their Indiegogo campaign page to find out when they become available.


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