This Adorable Keyboard Sounds and Feels Like an Old-School Typewriter—But Is It Worth It?

If you've ever been inspired by the rhythmical click-clack of a classic typewriter, you should get your hands on a Lofree mechanical keyboard.

Inspired by the typewriters of the olden days, Lofree is a wireless keyboard that simulates the sensation of typing on an antique typewriter, both in terms of touch and sound. Plus it'super cute.

Lofree keyboard bluetooth angle

Setting up the Lofree keyboard is pretty much identical to any other wireless keyboard. Just hold the appropriate button (in this case it's F1) and the keyboard should appear in your Bluetooth settings. Activate it and you'll be ready to go. If you'd like, you can also operate it by plugging it in to your USB drive. This is also how it's recharged—but the battery lasts so long that in a month of use I haven't had to do so.

There's something really satisfying about the click of the keys on the Lofree keyboard. You have to try it for yourself to truly understand. And while the clicks of the keys are audible, they're not too loud or annoying by any means. I'm surrounded by colleagues at my desk and I didn't hear any complaints in my month using the keyboard.

Lofree keyboard lights off

I'll admit that using a mechanical keyboard takes some getting used to. There's something so tactile about Lofree that it sometimes feels like you're on a typewriter and shouldn't be able to do the things you're doing—while typewriters can't easily delete whole lines of text or type emojis, it's a breeze for Lofree.

And like any keyboard, it may take a moment to familiarize yourself with the keys and their placement. The keys themselves have smooth, rounded edges that feel great against the fingertips, but they're not laid out exactly like they might be on your laptop or computer keyboard.

In the first week of using my Lofree keyboard, I frequently typed @ instead of ! and my 🙂 came out as 🙁 on most occasions. The arrow key layout is also unusual and might not be the best for gaming or other applications that require precise use.

Lofree keyboard arrow keys

It would also be tough to deny that this keyboard is really nice to look at. Lofree's look (in addition to it catching a bit more attention due to the clacking keys) caught the attention of a lot of my Sweety High coworkers. It's got the aesthetic nailed down, and it delivers on the promise of tricking you into thinking you're using a typewriter.

I really adore my Lofree in turquoise blue, but if you want your own, you can also order one in a shiny pure white or sleek sandstone black. You can support the project yourself on IndieGoGo here and secure your own for $74, plus shipping.

Lofree keyboard bluetooth lights on

And unlike other crowdfunding campaigns, you won't have to play the waiting game or cross your fingers to see whether or not Lofree will ever see the light of day. They're ready to go, and after the campaign ends in May, you'll receive your Dot keyboard in a month or so. The Lofree keyboard will also be available to purchase on Amazon starting in June.


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