This Tiny, Vintage TV Is Actually a Ridiculously Versatile Bluetooth Speaker

As someone who hates clutter, I'm all about versatility when it comes to my electronic devices.

The less space my tech products take up on my nightstand, the better, so when Lofree offered to send me the new QTV, I was super excited to give it a whirl.

The Product

The Lofree QTV is described on the company'Indiegogo campaign as "a cute vintage speaker with modern tech." The speaker has the look of a retro TV, complete with a functioning screen, a working dial that controls volume and settings and two buttons that allow you to control your individual preferences. Even though the speaker is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand—making it super portable—it still offers five hours of playtime and Bluetooth connection capabilities.

Beyond its function as a Bluetooth speaker, the QTV also allows you to schedule up to two alarms, customize your notification sounds and set timers. It's available in four different colors—Peppermint Green, Scarlet Red, Vernal White and Aestival Blue.

Lofree QTV Four Colors

(via Lofree)

The Experience

When the QTV first arrived, I was blown away by the tiny box. I knew the speaker was going to be small, but it was much smaller than I imagined. I'm a big fan of tiny things, and when I saw that this lil' guy could easily fit in the palm of my (very small) hands, I was immediately in love. The packaging made it easy to pop the speaker right out of the box, so I quickly got started messing with all the features.

QTV in Box

When the QTV turns off, it bubbles to life with a static-filled screen that's very reminiscent of a vintage TV, totally activating my nostalgic side. Despite its retro theme, the Bluetooth setup process for the QTV is super easy. As soon as it turns on it automatically starts searching for a Bluetooth device—all you have to do is select QTV on your phone and you're ready to play some tunes.

The first thing I noticed about the QTV was the incredible range of sound. I popped on one of my favorite Spotify playlists and it blared from the speakers at full, party-mode volume. I was actually shocked at the strength and quality of the sound coming from this tiny speaker, and found that I never needed to use it at full volume, despite the fact that my apartment was filled with visiting friends loudly chatting with each other.

QTV on Nightstand

(via Lofree)

The rest of the features aren't quite as intuitive as the Bluetooth, but they're incredibly easy to set up if you pay attention to the instruction manual. Different combinations of buttons will take you to different screens, and the icons that light up on the home screen let you know exactly what you've set up. For example, a short press of the top button takes you to the alarm screen, where you can press the dial to scroll through options and set your alarm and turn it on. Once it's on, the "Alarm 1" icon on the screen will light up, letting you know that your QTV is all set to give you a rude awakening.

Thankfully, the awakening doesn't actually have to be rude. I'm a light sleeper and definitely not a morning person, so nothing makes me grumpier than an angry alarm blaring in my ear first thing in the morning, Thankfully, the QTV allows you to control the volume of your alarm. I set it to the lowest setting and woke to a light chirping that was the perfect, non-infuriating way to start my morning. You can even customize your notifications, so if you prefer to wake up to a specific sound or even a song you like, you're able to record that onto the QTV and set it as your alarm sound.

QTV in Hands

I will say the various button combinations that are used to control the settings take some getting used to. I kept pressing the wrong thing and undoing all my work, or accidentally taking myself back to the home screen. However, with a little practice, it started to become easier and easier to understand, until I eventually had a good idea of what each button would do without constantly referencing the instruction manual.

The Bottom Line

Overall, I really love the Lofree QTV. It's an adorable and space-saving addition to my nightstand that adds that charming bit of trendiness we all crave. It also allows so much customization to each feature, allowing me to tailor everything to my specific preferences. While the buttons do take a bit of getting used to, I think it's totally worth it to be able to set things exactly how I like them. Plus, I just adore how tiny it is, allowing me to cart it with me basically everywhere.


(via Lofree)

The QTV is currently available for pre-order on Indiegogo for $74 each, and are expected to deliver in July of this year. They're pretty affordable as far as innovative Bluetooth speakers go, and they're the perfect adorable accessory for all your summer pool parties.


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