Lonely Ghost's New Connect Collection Helps Us Practice Mindfulness as Fashionably as Possible

We couldn't be more pleased that as time goes on, it seems more people are willing to open up and finally discuss the increasingly important topic of mental health.

And the folks at Lonely Ghost couldn't agree more. The viral streetwear brand isn't just creating bold and eye-catching apparel, but also pieces that put mental awareness center stage. For this Mental Health Awareness Month, they're doing a couple of excellent initiatives that are definitely worth seeing (and wearing).

Jeni's x Lonely Ghost

First, they teamed up with Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams to spread the word about their deliciously vibrant, yet grey-colored, Sunshine ice cream to highlight the fact that when it comes to mental health, appearances can be pretty deceiving. Lonely Ghost also created a hoodie inspired by the flavor, with its own super-cute grey and rainbow look.

Lonely ghost Jeni's Collab

(via Lonely Ghost)


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And starting this week, Lonely Ghost is going even further with a new fashion collection with an emphasis on mindfulness. It's called the Connect collection, and it reminds us all that we are one with not just our own humanity, but also with nature itself.

Lonely Ghost connect collection sweatshirt tag

(via Lonely Ghost)

These new exclusive pieces are designed to tell us all to slow down, practice humility and take in the beauty that surrounds us each and every day, from the beauty of the sun and the sky to the joy found in the friendship and love of others. It can be all too easy to get caught up in the buzz of life, letting stresses and distractions take over, when it's so important to connect with ourselves, our bodies and the environments we live in.

Lonely Ghost connect collection sweater

(via Lonely Ghost)


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The Collection

The summer collection includes hoodies, sweatpants, sweaters, T-shirts, shorts and accessories with earthy tones to remind us to connect to the planet itself. The pieces are sleek and minimalistic, reducing the noise and complexity in our lives while making it easier to find clarity and connection. We especially love their '70s-styled socks reading "remove to ground yourself," and the clear water bottle adorned with smiling purple and green flowers.

Lonely Ghost connect collection water bottle

(via Lonely Ghost)

The collection fits in especially well with Lonely Ghost's ethos of spreading positivity and empowerment through street fashion. They remind us all to let ourselves feel our emotions and wear them on our sleeves—sometimes literally. We love the messages of mindfulness that are intrinsic to the Connect collection, and the idea that they can encourage being present and engaged, even when you're not wearing their pieces.

Lonely Ghost Connect brown shorts

(via Lonely Ghost)


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