Jeans That'll Make Your Legs Look Long, According to a Stylist

Do you wish you had longer legs? Shorties, we're lookin' at you.

Instead of praying for a major growth spurt, we think it's better to pay attention to the clothes you're putting on your body. For example, even though wide-leg cut is in right now, that's one style to ignore if you don't have height on your side.

We spoke with stylist Samantha Brown, who gave us her input on what type of jeans will make your legs appear longer. Keep reading for what she had to say!

Do Wear:


Flared denim is very on-trend at the moment, and it's a style that short girls can benefit from. And while it's no fun to walk around in stilettos all day, giving yourself some additional height from underneath will make your legs look miles long.

Samantha recommends this pair of jeans from Madewell, and this is what she had to say:

"These high rise flares do double duty, making legs look impossibly long!"

madewell flared high waisted jeans

(via Madewell)


Dark Wash

The darker the jean, the slimmer the leg (aka, the longer the leg). Dark-wash can mean dark blue, black or any other dark shade, so the options are limitless.



By making your waist appear higher, you are therefore elongating your legs. High-waisted jeans are here to stay, so make sure to invest in a high-quality pair that hugs all your features in the right way.

THIS jean from Madewell is Samantha's go-to. She says:

"This pair of high-waisted jeans from Madewell will make your legs look longer. The vertical button fly also helps add length."

madewell high waisted jeans

(via Madewell)


Do Not Wear:


Samantha says:

"Always look for a uniform wash with little to no fading, as fading can be distracting and interrupt the line of your legs."

By sticking with one solid color, especially a dark washed one, you give yourself added height, whereas with a fade, your legs don't look seamless.



Samantha says:

"Be wary of cropped styles—they are very on-trend this season but they do shorten the leg. When in doubt, add some height in a wedge or chunky heel!"

Sorry to the girls under 5'5, but cropped jeans won't make your legs look longer. If anything, it'll make them appear shorter.


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