How a Water Bottle Boosts My Self-Confidence

They say hair is your best accessory (and I  agree!), but is it possible that a water bottle could be a close second?

I've written in the past about the evolution of water bottles, and how they went from something you don't put any thought into, to a pricey statement piece.

With so many different water bottles to choose from, each with a variety of uses, these little bottles we carry with us daily have grown to really represent a part of our personality or style.

smiling girl holds water bottle while going for a run

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Recently, my colleague Amanda expressed interest in reviewing the latest craze: crystal-infused water bottles. She wrote about her experience trying Glacce's rose quartz product, and, at the same time, reached out to the folks at Longemity to see if I could review a bottle for myself.

The company kindly obliged, and when my bottle arrived, I was immediately taken aback by its beauty. In fact, the piece of glassware with its rose and clear quartz center was so delicate and perfect-looking that I was almost scared to drink out of it for fear I would break it. At $89.95 a pop, this would be no easy item to replace.

I received the Devotion bottle, which is said to restore balance, heal one's confidence and emotions, and attract love. It'also said to aid people suffering from eating disorders, depression and asthma. (Crazy, right!?)

Upon receiving my new piece of art (essentially), I decided I would use it, but only on special occasions. It regularly stays by my kitchen window, and I sip from it at dinner and take it with me when running a fancy errand or when I'm with loved ones and really want to embrace their energy.


I will say this: The water sipped from this bottle tastes so much cleaner and fresher than regular water. Not sure if that's all in my head or it really is the bottle, but yes, I notice a difference.

And I will also say this: Since receiving the bottle, I've been more confident in my own skin (emotionally and physically). There's a chance it's partly due to the reiki I recently got from my cousin, or simply, I could just happier in general and willing to shift my thoughts and feelings around to make my life better.

I've been working on myself a lot lately, taking new approaches to friendships, expectations and how I react to things. I've seen positive results. I've also just enjoyed being me. Whether it's what I'm wearing, how I'm doing my makeup, who I'm hanging out with—I'm content with my decisions. Okay, so all of this said, do I know if I'm feeling better about myself because of this water bottle, or is it simply coincidence? That I can not tell you, but

This water bottle actually has directly improved my confidence in different ways. Taking in its beauty every morning when I go to the kitchen to make coffee puts a fresh and clean visual in my mind. When I take the bottle out with me to run errands, I love the look people give me as I walk by. They always seem in awe of it. The bottle really feels like more of an accessory than anything else. It just makes me feel so healthy and pure. And with each sip I take, I am reminded of the intentions I've set. I'm reminded that I want to live my healthiest life and be the best person I can be.

So whether or not I can truly attribute my more upbeat outlook on life to the stones in this water bottle, I can tell you that I have no interest in reverting back to any bottle that isn'this. Having something that inspires me regularly (whether in the form of art, music or human flesh) is incredibly important—and the fact this object manages to do just that (in addition to helping me fill my required daily water intake) is all the reason to recommend it to everyone!


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