The 10 Most Stunning Horse Pics Of All Time

The Longines Masters of Los Angeles starts TOMORROW and we can't wait to see dozens of gorgeous horses from all over the world compete for the top titles! Get in the spirit with 10 of our favorite amazing horse photos of all time!

1. This pony shows off perfect poise balancing the Longines mascot, Gary the Goat, on its head.

2. 2 dogs + 1 horse = the cutest photo of all time.


3. We have to come to term with the facts that some horses are just way more glamorous than us.


4. Um, where can we get our own Dalmatian horse?!?


5. There's probably nothing more heartwarming than the bond between horses and their riders.


6. Have you ever seen a horse so tiny (and so cute?!?)?


7. Paris Sellon and Belle were the Grand Slam winners last year and they look SO fierce together in this photo.


8. It may just be the dramatic lighting, but we can tell this was one epic moment.


9. If anyone deserves the red carpet treatment, it's this horse.


10. Oh hi there, gorgeous!


All photos via @mastersgrandslam on Instagram! Tell us your favorite photo in the comments below, and if you're as obsessed with horses as we are, you'll also love our interview with dressage champ Ayden Uhlir, here!