This Is Us Actor Lonnie Chavis Dishes on His Powerful New Role in The Water Man

13-year-old actor Lonnie Chavis is best known for playing a young Randall on NBC'This Is Us, but we think his role in the new film The Water Man is about to propel him to superstardom.

The film, directed by actor David Oyelowo, is in theaters today, May 7, and it's sure to become an instant family classic. In the movie, Lonnie's character Gunner seeks to cure his mother, who is battling cancer, by going on an adventure and finding the mythical Water Man, said to possess the secret to immortality. We got the chance to ask Lonnie all about his work on the film and what it means to him in the interview below.

Sweety High: Can you describe the story of The Water Man in your own words? How is this film unlike anything else you've done before?

Lonnie Chavis: The Water Man is about not taking time for granted, and it's also about love, hope, faith, family and friendship. It is 100% different than anything else I've ever done because it challenged me not only as an actor, but also as a person.


SH: In what ways are you and your character, Gunner, similar? In what ways are you different?

LC: I can see myself in Gunner because I would do anything for somebody that I love, especially my mom. However, we are different because I'm a lot more social than Gunner is.


SH: What was it like working with Amiah Miller? Do you have a favorite moment together from the set?

LC: I loved working with Amiah! She's so sweet and funny. The bug scene with Amiah was really funny, since she is tough and freaked out over bugs.


SH: What was it like to work with some of the big-name talent who costar with you in this film? Was there anyone you were most excited to meet?

LC: They are big-name talent, but they're also very human and humble. I was excited to meet everybody.


SH: If you had to pick one moment as the highlight of your career so far, what would that be?

LC: I have a lot of great moments so far in my career, but meeting Will Smith was for sure a pretty cool highlight in my life.


You can also watch the trailer for The Water Man below:


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