L'Oreal's New Chocolate-Scented Liquid Lipsticks Smell Good Enough to Eat (But Don't!)

Eating chocolate all day long isn't realistic, but smelling it as often as you want is… now.

L'Oreal's has new chocolate-scented liquid lipsticks, which means you get your fill of the delicious fragrance without having to deal with the sugar crash. And, of course, they're meant to make your lips look delectable.

L'Oreal designed the Pro Matte Les Chocolats Scented Liquid Lipstick line especially for chocolate lovers, and the company says the products offer long-lasting matte coverage while being "enhanced with an indulgent chocolate aroma." Collectively, there are six of them, all of which are chocolate nudes perfect for different skin tones, moods, or styles. Naturally, each has a mouth-watering name; the shades are called Dose of Cocoa, Bittersweet, Box o Chocolate, Candyman, Sweet Tooth, and 70% Yum.les-chocolats-collage-articleH-052118

via L'Oreal

Combining addictive aspects of food and makeup isn't new, but we're always into it. More chocolate each day — in whatever form — is not exactly a hardship.

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