After a very busy year, indie pop singer-songwriter Lorelei Marcell just dropped her latest single, “Love Me Back (Maybe Next Year),” and we firmly believe it’s destined to be a new holiday classic.

We know we’re not the only ones who find Christmas songs about heartbreak more relatable than all the others, and “Love Me Back (Maybe Next Year)” is full of both desperation and hope as Lorelei loves out loud and yearns to someday be loved just as much in return. Even with a bit of festive production, we think this track will keep going strong even when January rolls around—and if her upcoming album, releasing at the start of 2023, is even half this good, we know we’re already going to be obsessed. We had the pleasure of getting to ask Lorelei all about the song, its lyrics and what it means to her, and she shared all of it with us in the interview below.

The Story Behind ‘Love Me Back (Maybe Next Year)’

Lorelei Marcell: This song was an emotional roller coaster. I went into the producer, John Samuel’s studio a few months ago, with songwriter Chris Ayer, and I began reflecting on my past holiday experiences to try and spark some inspiration. I was caught between a few ideas of what kind of feeling I wanted to convey: happy, sad, hopeful. The more I opened up to Chris about my past there was a clear theme—bittersweet, and a little defeated. The past year I had been heartbroken and was back and forth with someone who I was still in love with, and I was putting all of my energy into this relationship that inevitably was failing. In a bittersweet light I thought, “maybe next year” things will be different, but for now i’ll let myself make these mistakes. I wanted to write something honest and vulnerable.


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What ‘Love My Back (Maybe Next Year)’ Means

LM: In making this song, I think it helped me find forgiveness. I hope for my listeners it normalizes feeling heartbroken and or alone this time of year. Accepting that you might not have everything figured out now, and that is okay.

Lorelei Marcell Love ME Back Maybe Next Year landscaoe portrait

(Image courtesy of Lorelei Marcell)


On the Holidays and Music

LM: I love holiday music, yes! I have always loved jazz music, so I tend to gravitate more to Nat King Cole, and the holiday classics. This is the first holiday song I’ve put out, so It feels amazing. Writing for a seasonal purpose was a really cool experience as well.


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Lorelei’s Favorite Lyric

“Love is not a feeling, it’s the gift you chose to give.” This is one of my favorite lines just because of how true it is. Loving someone and giving somebody your time is a gift, and it is so personal. This lyric is a reminder to myself, to put my energy into people who I know appreciate and will reciprocate it.

Lorelei Marcell Love ME Back Maybe Next Year landscaoe

(Image courtesy of Lorelei Marcell)


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