Loren Gray Explains Why Her New &always Jewelry Line Is So Close to Her Heart

Singer and social media sensation Loren Gray has always been a woman of many talents, but her newest endeavor, a jewelry line called &always, is showing us a whole new side of the influencer.

&always is a culmination of many things, from Loren's love for putting her unique personality on display to her entrepreneurial spirit and bold sense of style, and we're loving all of the fabulous pieces on offer. As soon as we saw the pieces, we simply had to know more about them—and Loren generously chatted with us to fill us in on all the details.

Sweety High: Have you always been passionate about jewelry?

Loren Gray: Experimenting with jewelry has always been an outlet for me to express myself and is something that has made me feel strong, powerful and confident. The way it can completely transform your outfit, mood and overall outlook, has always amazed me. When I'm throwing together an outfit, I've always loved that my jewelry can transform my look so I feel more "me."

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SH: What inspired you to create your own jewelry line, and how did the opportunity come about?

LG: I've always loved the feeling of beauty and confidence that I feel while wearing jewelry and I wanted to create something that sparked those feelings in others. My community inspires a lot of what I do, so I wanted to start &always to help them feel bold and empowered. Jewelry felt natural for me and it wasn't something I had seen done in my space. I wanted to set the standard while also creating something truly unique that reflected myself and my community.


SH: Where did the name &always come from? What does it mean to you?

LG: I wanted to create something personal for my audience and with my audience. I always say "forever & always" on my Instagram page when I express my love to my community and I always refer to them as my "angels." I actually have a tattoo on my finger that says "always." The name is something that meant a lot to me, and because jewelry is so sentimental, it tied everything together.

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SH: What about this line is quintessentially your style? What were the most important factors when it came to developing your own line?

LG: My style has always been more girly but I'm a tomboy at heart. If I'm wearing a fancy pink outfit, when I throw on the Stardust Necklace, it gives my outfit a mix of my girly side and that tomboy edge which feels more "me." My goal with &always is for others to express themselves in more ways than one.

Andalways Stardust necklace

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The most important thing to me is that my collection is affordable and accessible for everyone. Throughout the entire design and business development process, I always kept my community in mind. The majority of the collection is priced under $30, but this does not mean we sacrificed the quality and beauty of the pieces.

SH: Do you have a favorite piece in the line?

LG: That's so hard to pick! I'd have to say that while I adore the whole collection, the Choker Duo might just be my favorite. It's so versatile and goes with everything and the mirror detail reminds me of why I started &always.


SH: What else should we know about &always?

LG: The core collection has a common thread featuring a vintage vanity mirror shape called the Starlet Mirror, inspired by Old Hollywood. The mirror has always been something that myself and countless others have seen as a source of insecurity and I really wanted to flip that narrative and turn the mirror into a form of self-confidence, channeling the trailblazing women of Old Hollywood.

Andalways Starlet Mirror Choker

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