If You're a Scaredy-Cat Like Me, Follow These Five Steps to Survive a Haunted House

Haunted attractions have never been my thing.

Despite my abundant fear, each Halloween season I reluctantly end up attending some sort of spooky attraction just to appease my friends.

This year, instead of dreading a haunted encounter, I decided to embrace it. To prove that anyone can overcome their biggest fears and worst nightmares, I eagerly volunteered to try out the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride, a spooky trip through Griffith Park.

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride

Want to know how the biggest scaredy-cat of all time survived this spooktacular adventure? Five simple steps.

Scroll below to find out how these pointers can help you face your fears, too.

Do the Scariest Attraction First

Diving head first into the most terrifying attraction seems counterintuitive, but it's the wisest thing to do.

Before attending the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride, I did a little research to see which attractions would be available. I knew ahead of time that, for me, the House of Shadows Maze would be the most challenging. So, upon arriving at the venue, I vowed to myself that would be the very first thing I visited.

Haunted Hayride House of Shadows

This maze terrified me to the core. It was pitch black and full of unsuspecting characters around every wrong turn. Although I kept my eyes closed and my head down for the majority of the walkthrough, I was so relieved and proud of myself when I finally reached the exit.

Tackling what I feared most first made the rest of the night so much more manageable. If I could face dark narrow hallways and looming creatures around every corner, I knew I could surely face anything.

Don't Let the Actors Feel Your Fear

This is key. If you exude fear, the actors and actresses will pick up on it and they will target you. Because, what fun is it to try and scare someone who isn't scared?

When you first step into a haunted attraction, remember to breathe, keep your head up, and, as hard as it may be, keep eye contact with the scary creatures coming your way.

The first actor who approached me on the hayride lingered because I shrieked and then hid my face in my jacket. He felt my fear and he took advantage of it. Don't let that happen to you!

If you look confident, you'll feel confident and they will not linger around you—they'll move on to the next scaredy-cat just around the corner.

Try and Smile

This piece of advice goes hand-in-hand with the above tip. Smiling is an indication that you are not afraid.

Even if you're scared out of your wits, keep that smile up. The actors don't have to know that your knees are trembling.

When the next batch of creatures encroached on me on the hayride, instead of hiding my face, I flashed those monsters with my best toothy grin. Not one actor got up in my face. ????

Talk It Out

This works wonders. From my experience, I realized that the more I interacted with the creepy creatures, the less I was scared.

Talking to the actors and actresses helped me remember that they are real people just like you and me. They're getting paid to do this, and there's no way I can get harmed.

Keep in mind, the actors and actresses want to talk to you—it's a part of their job and their expertise.

If one person is particularly frightening to you, be bold and approach them, ask them a silly question or even better, do what I did and ask for a picture.

You won't feel so scared anymore.

Brittney with a masked creature at the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride

Use the Buddy System

Although you can totally face your fears alone, it doesn't hurt to tackle a haunted attraction with a friend (or maybe even a crush).

I took my boyfriend with me because I knew I'd have more courage if I had someone there encouraging me to face my fears.

Having someone to grab on to for moral support, who I could nervously laugh away the fear with was so powerful. And it didn't hurt that when I was just way too scared to open my eyes, he could be my guide.

Trust me, you won't regret doing something that scares you if you tag team it. ????


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