Lottie London's PRIDE 2022 Collection Is Here!

Pride Month officially starts today, June 1, and it also marks the day that Lottie London drops their incredible Pride collection, "Proud to Be!"

The amazing five-piece collection is full of beautiful makeup products that beauty gurus everywhere will enjoy. Not only did Lottie London create some fun, Pride-inspired products, but they're also giving away 10% of their Walmart proceeds to Kaleidoscope Trust for the entire month of June. How great is that? So, if you want to get your hands on some killer makeup products while supporting a great cause, continue below to learn all about what's in Lottie London's "Proud to Be" Pride collection.

Lottie Palette: $7.98

The Lottie Palette is full of nine, highly-pigmented eyeshadows perfect for Pride Month. From rainbow shades to sparkly pigments, you can create some incredible makeup looks with this one palette. We love the makeup look featured in the picture below with purple and green—genius!

(via Lottie London)


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Pink Supreme Face Gems: $4.48

While not every occasion calls for face gems, they are great to have on hand, and if you're into all things pink, these ones are calling your name! Featuring sparkly jewels that are meant to be placed above the brow, below the lash line or really wherever your heart desires, these long-lasting gems will take any makeup look to the next level.

(via Lottie London)


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Iced Out Face Gems: $4.48

If pink isn't your fave, these clear face gems are probably right up your alley. They're super long-lasting, so you can enjoy your day without worrying about them slipping or falling off! Place them above your brows, on your arch or even below your lash line for a fun pop to any makeup look.

(via Lottie London)


Lilac Heart Stamp Liner: $6.48

There's just something so cute about hearts, and if you love love, why not show it off in your makeup? Instead of having to draw out your own heart with your eyeliner, it's done for you in the shape of a stamp. One side has a heart stamp while the other has a typical liquid liner, meaning that the opportunities for fun makeup looks are endless.

(via Lottie London)


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Blue Peace Stamp Liner: $6.48

Last, but certainly not least, in the Pride collection is this adorable peace stamp liner in a gorgeous blue shade. Just like the heart stamp liner, this one features a peace stamp on one end and a typical liquid liner on the other. Place them above your eyeliner, on your nose or wherever you feel like it—just make sure to snap a cute selfie!

(via Lottie London)


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