The New Lottie London x The Vampire Diaries: Love Sucks Makeup Collection Is AMAZING

The brand new Lottie London x The Vampire Diaries: Love Sucks Collection, is finally here!

Even though The Vampire Diaries finale aired years ago, it's still a favorite for many around the world, us included, and that's exactly why Lottie London teamed up with The Vampire Diaries to make the Love Sucks Collection.

And the best part? If you show proof you've donated blood during the month of October, Lottie London will give you the collection! How cool is that? All you need to do is share an image of yourself donating blood on Instagram or TikTok and hashtag #BloodForBeauty.

Interested in finding out what products you can expect? Here is our review of all the makeup products in the Lottie London x The Vampire Diaries: Love Sucks Collection.

The Vampire Diaries x PH Colour Changing Blush – Witchcraft: $6.98

When we first saw this color-changing blush, we were confused, to say the least. While we definitely don't understand the science behind it, the black color somehow changes to a beautiful pink hue, based on your own personal pH! It's creamy to the touch and has a buildable color, and we absolutely love how it looks on the skin.

(via Lottie London)


The Vampire Diaries x PH Colour Changing Lipstick: $6.98

Who knew color-changing makeup could be so fun? Out of the entire collection, this lipstick is hands-down our favorite. It looks beautiful on all skin tones and relies on your natural pH. Depending on your lips, you'll be left with better-than-your-natural-color lips in a unique shade of pink, not to mention the ultra-creamy formula!

(via Lottie London)


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The Vampire Diaries x Blood Drip Lip Tint: $7.98

If you're more into lip tints, you are going to fall head over heels in love with this product. We did our own wear test and were surprised to see the color lasted for hours. Coming in a vampy-red hue, this non-drying and shiny lip tint will leave you with smooch-worthy lips.

(via Lottie London)


The Vampire Diaries x Love Sucks Eyeshadow Palette: $9.98

We love a good eyeshadow palette, and this one features some truly stunning shades that remind us of The Vampire Diaries. While the formula isn't the best we've ever tried, we do love the shimmers, especially the "Originals" shade! This makes for a great collector's piece.

(via Lottie London)


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The Vampire Diaries x Silver Face & Eye Pen: $5.98

We won't lie to you—the Silver Face and Eye Pen doesn't really show up on lighter skin tones, but it does look simply gorgeous on darker ones! It has a beautiful sparkle to it that we absolutely adore. You can wear it as eyeliner or draw a fun shape on your face, making it perfect for Halloween.

(via Lottie London)


The Vampire Diaries x Red Face Pen: $5.98

If there's one thing we didn't know we were missing in our lives, it was red eyeliner. After trying out this one, we don't know how we ever survived without it! It's such a fun and unexpected pop of color and makes for the perfect makeup for your vampy-inspired looks.

(via Lottie London)


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The Vampire Diaries x Moon Stamp Liner Duo: $5.98

We're suckers for makeup stamps, and after stamping our faces with the moon end of this liner duo, we're in love. Whether you just want to stand out or are creating a fun Halloween makeup look, trust us when we say this stamp is fool-proof! Plus, it comes with a black liner on the other end. What more could you want?

(via Lottie London)


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