Louis Tomlinson Angers Fans With Secret About One Direction's Name

Louis Tomlinson accidentally broke the hearts of a few 1D stans during his X-Factor debut.

As a new judge on the British reality singing competition show, he had plenty of wisdom to share with the contestants taking their shot at the big time. One tidbit, however, left Directioners reeling. It turns out Louis never liked his boy band's name, and on top of that, he says the other members didn't, either.

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"You know the thing is with a name, I don't think any of us were ever a massive fan of One Direction," Louis told members of the group No Levels during the show. "If you think about the name, it's a pretty corny name."

While One Direction wasn't the only band whose name Louis bashed—he also called his fellow judge Robbie Williams's old boy band, Take That, "horrendous"—some 1D fans were pretty disappointed with his comment. There were a lot of tweets on the subject, of course.

1D comment aside, though, a lot of people seemed very impressed with Louis's first go as an X-Factor judge.

If you're not happy with Louis right now, don't worry: There's a lot more X-Factor coming up, so he'll have plenty of time to get back in your good gracees.


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