Everyone Who Loves Animals More Than People Will Relate to These Truths

Animals are clearly superior to humans.

They're generally always excited to see you, will never leave your side and are so freaking cute! You obviously agree with us. After all, you did make your way here.

Considering you like animals way more than humans, we bet you'll agree with the 15 truths below:

1. You're not known for being the nicest person per-se, but that all changes when you encounter any animal. You suddenly become the kindest, gentlest soul anyone has ever met.

April and Andy with Champion on NBC's Parks and Recreation

(Parks and Recreation via NBC)

2. You're not a fan of being social. Whenever you're at a party, you always spend it befriending the host's pet(s). You'll stay by their side, avoiding all interaction with humans.

3. You've been known to chase after stray animals, forcing your friends to pull over if you ever spot a puppy or kitten on the side of the road. You just want to help them.

4. Even wild animals aren't safe from you trying to become an acquaintance. You've tried to pet squirrels, crows, deer and even foxes. All animals deserve to be loved!

Snow White surrounded by woodland creatures

(Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs via Walt Disney Productions)

5. You spend most of your free time at animal shelters playing with all of the animals they have. Those poor things deserve a good home, and as much as you wish you could adopt them all, it's practically impossible.

6. You follow more animals on social media than you do people. Animals are cute, people aren't.

7. You also definitely spend a majority of your day watching adorable animal videos on the internet. Once you get started, you can't be stopped.

Cat watching videos on a laptop

(via Shutterstock)

8. When a character dies in a movie or TV show, it's sad. But when an animal dies or is harmed in any way, you feel as though the world has stopped. You will cry nonstop and vow to seek revenge on whomever hurt that poor, fictional creature.

9. Those Sarah McLachlan commercials (you know the ones) are too much for you to handle. You hear the music and instantly have to skip the ad, because you know you will give all of your money to the ASPCA.

10. Your pets are the most important thing in the world to you. They understand you like no one else and you'll always be there to provide for them.

Elle Woods holding Bruiser Woods and Bruiser's bill

(Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde via MGM)

11. Sometimes you get upset thinking about all the animals you'll never get to love. It's truly heartbreaking.

12. No matter what trouble an animal causes, you cannot be mad at them. Whereas a person could breathe wrong and be on your bad side for the rest of their lives.

13. People always let you down, always. An animal though? Well, it's near impossible for them to disappoint you. They're just so pure!

14. You can't imagine a world without animals. People, definitely. But you don't know what you'd do if you weren't surrounded by adorable creatures 24/7.

15. Your futures plans involve living in seclusion with 100 plus animals. No people, just animals.

Rosie surrounded by peacocks in We Bought a Zoo

(We Bought a Zoo via 20th Century Fox)


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