If You Love the Beach, You'll Relate to These 10 Truths

Since we've been stuck in quarantine, we've been dreaming of the beach.

If you're anything like us, the beach is your favorite place to be. Honestly, we'd be there rain or shine. Not only is it a free place to go, but there are so many activities to do there! From surfing, to sand-castle-building to plain old tanning, we never get tired of our favorite place.

Sound anything like you? Keep reading for ten truths you'll relate to if you love the beach:


1. You Live for the Summer

As a beach-lover, you live for the summer. But really, you'd hit up the beach any time of year! Your favorite feeling in the world is walking barefoot across hot sand and feeling it in between your toes.

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2. Your Outfit of Choice Is a Bikini

When summer rolls around, you literally live in a bikini every day. You have so many swimsuits that you don't even have a chance to wear them all. TBH, you stick to the same five swimsuits and call it a day.


3. You Have Hundreds of Sunset Pics

Sunset hour is the best hour in your book. When it comes to this time, you love being at the beach. Seeing the sun kiss the sky is your absolute favorite part of the day, and you have the pics to prove it!


4. You Love Your Beach Hair

Fresh, salty hair is your go-to look, especially when summer rolls around. Sure, you might not brush your locks for days on end, but that's what a carefree, beach-loving life looks like.

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5. You're Constantly Cleaning Sand Out of Your Car

No matter how careful you are about getting all the sand out of your hair and off your towel, it somehow still finds its way into your car. During the summer, you give up cleaning it and just let it happen.


6. You Live for Beach Picnics

You love creating the perfect beach picnic set up for you and your friends. Fresh fruit, cheese and crackers are always on the list, as well as lots of water. But most importantly, you always bring an Instagrammable blanket.


7. You're Obsessed With Boats

Whether it's a duffy, yacht or small fishing boat, you love any excuse to get out on the water. You would watch them all day if you could, and you dream of having one of your own one day.

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8. You Love Easy Beach Reads

Your favorite types of books are young adult beach romances. You've gone through so many of them you've lost track. Sarah Dessen is an author you're all too familiar with.


9. You Love Açai Bowls

The perfect treat after a day at the beach is an açai bowl. You love the explosion of flavors and fresh fruits. You might even be on a first-name basis with your local shop.


10. You Always Have a Tan Line

Even if it's the dead of winter, you somehow always have a tan line. However, you know how important sunscreen is, so you make sure to have some on you whenever the sun is out and about.

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