I Burned Intention-Setting Moon Cycle Candles for a Month, and Here's What Happened

I only recently discovered that each phase of the moon cycle has its own meaning that's said to impact our lives.

Though I found that information interesting, I hadn't put it into action in any meaningful way. I don't spend much of my nights outdoors, so I'm not typically that aware of where the moon is in its cycle unless I've been actively looking it up. According to the phases of the moon cycle, there's a proper time to let go of things, or be open to receiving a bounty, or to be extra persistent in my actions, but I didn't know when they were because I wasn't on top of things.

That's why I was so excited when I was asked to review the Moon Phase Crystal Candle Set. This special collaboration between Love by Luna and Wildflora consists of four special candles that each correspond with a different moon phase, allowing their users to embark on a month-long journey of setting their intentions and living their best life. I was eager to accept the offer and fill my home a soft glow and wonderful aromas for a month.


(via Love by Luna)

The Product

The Moon Phase Crystal Candle Set includes four different candles for four different moon phases: new moon, first quarter moon, full moon and last quarter moon. The label on each four-ounce candle comes with a few words of wisdom regarding its moon phase and what that phase entails, and each one has its own signature scent as well as a real crystal embedded within the wax.

By combining an appropriate scent with an energizing crystal and the right intentions, the candles are designed to aid you through each phase of the moon cycle and help you maximize your potential. But do they really work?


(via Love by Luna)


The Experience

Last Quarter Moon: Feb. 26 to March 5

I received the set of candles on Feb. 25 and promptly hopped online to check out where the moon was in its cycle. I discovered that the following day, Feb. 26, was the first night of the last quarter moon, so I tried to be as patient as possible and waited a day before lighting my first Moon Phase Crystal Candle.

The last quarter moon phase contained amethyst, and I was especially excited to light it up because it was so prominently featured on Love by Luna's website and social media. When I did, I was delighted by the fresh, clean scent of french lavender, which quickly filled the room.



(via Love by Luna)

According to the label on the candle, the last quarter moon should be a time of rest and reflection, and it's the perfect opportunity to let go of any thoughts holding you back from your full potential. Along with the vibrant, renewing scent, the amethyst shard tucked away inside is said to aid in healing, forgiveness, closure and balance. Together, they're the perfect match for this phase of the moon.

Love by Luna moon cycle crystal candle last quarter moon burning

During this time, I couldn't think of any specific limiting beliefs that were holding me back, but that doesn't mean I didn't put the week to good use. Instead, I took the candle's advice and decided to take things easy and reflect on myself. While I didn't discover any deep truths, I did feel great coming out of the week.

I burned it for a couple of hours a night for the next seven days, and it wound up lasting exactly a week before the wick eventually got too short to light and the flame immediately started fizzing out. That's what I call great timing.

For whatever reason, the amethyst stone inside actually wound up being the smallest crystal in the candle set, and it was barely visible even when the candle was all burned out. Of course, the most important thing is that it was there in the first place.




New Moon: March 6 to March 13

Match 6 was the new moon (and I'd used up my previous candle), so I moved on to the eucalyptus and mint-scented new moon candle. I wasn't particularly looking forward to burning it because the smell of the wax was so sharp, but when I lit it, I was pleasantly surprised by the mild mintiness that scented the room.

The label informed me that the new moon is the perfect time to cleanse your space in order to prepare it for a fresh start, and that the green aventurine stone hidden inside was just the thing for renewal, as well as the creation of new opportunities.

While it wasn't the most adventurous week for me, I did discover a new burger place in town, and I attempted to cook a couple of new recipes at home. That might not be exactly what the spirit of the new moon entails, but it's a start, and it definitely didn't hurt for me to keep an eye out for new opportunities.

Burning it for a couple of hours every night for eight days revealed the top of the lovely green aventurine stone, and I'm happy to say it appears that there's enough wick left for another burn or two when the next new moon arrives this month.



First Quarter Moon: March 14 to March 20

March 14 marked the first quarter moon, which meant it was time to swap out my candles yet again. This candle was scented with ginger, saffron and vetiver, though the strongest smell was the warm and rejuvenating scent of ginger.

The text on the candle states that the first quarter moon is about taking actions toward fulfilling your intentions. It has a carnelian stone inside, which is said to promote progress, strategy, motivation and execution—all the things necessary to make your dreams a reality.

While I didn't do anything too athletic during this time, I do feel that I did a lot of planning for the future. Mostly, I had a ton of product reviews piling up that I needed to take action on, and it was during this week that I formulated a strategy for them. I decided I needed to stop putting things off, and finally found some time in my calendar to start making my way through them.


Despite burning this candle for just as long as the others, it's lasted the longest, and I still haven't quite made it down to the brown carnelian stone that I know is nestled inside. I'm greatly looking forward to the return of the next first quarter moon, because it means I can bring the wonderful aroma of this candle back out again.



Full Moon: March 21 to March 27

Last but not least, the full moon came on March 21, which meant it was time to start lighting the last candle. This one was scented with indigo and oakmoss, and with its cool, forest-y aroma had my favorite bouquet in the set.

According to the candle, the full moon is a time to look back on your progress during the month and gain some insights about yourself. Inside is a snowflake obsidian stone—the prettiest in the candle set—which is for manifestation, introspection and clarity.

Toward the end of my month burning these candles, I was already planning on looking inward to see what the candles might have helped me discover and accomplish, which felt completely appropriate. I was proud of what I'd been able to do that month, and felt excited about what I could do in the next. After a week of burning that candle, I was glad there was still wax left to burn, though I might burn it more sparingly this time to really savor its incredible scent. During this week, I also suffered from a particularly nasty cold, but at least the following week was the one representing rest and healing.

Plus, the snowflake obsidian inside is absolutely gorgeous. When I'm fully done burning this candle, I plan on digging it out of the sticky wax and cleaning it up so I can add it to my personal crystal collection.



Bottom Line

The Moon Phase Crystal Candle Set costs $64 total, measuring out to $16 per candle. If you're not used to luxury candles, that might be above your typical price point, but if you're eager to try out the full month-long intention-setting experience, I found it completely worthwhile.

Not only do each of the four candles smell amazing, but their vegan wax is long-lasting, and when you're done, you're also left with four lovely crystals with their own unique powers. Depending on where you get them, crystals can be pricey on their own, so these candles may be worth the cost just for that reason. To get the very most out of this candle set, I recommend journaling and keeping track of the moon along every step of the way. You might just discover that setting intentions this way can have a positive impact on the way you live.



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