I Tried Love by Luna's Zodiac Nail Polish and Crystal Sets to Channel My Inner Sagittarius

I was born under the sign of Sagittarius, but I don't know if I've ever fully identified with the sign.

Sagittarians are curious and philosophical, love travel and humor and can occasionally be totally tactless—which totally sounds like me. But while I do exhibit those traits, the sign is also supposed to extroverted, energetic, outdoorsy and welcoming of change, and I am none of those things.

So when the team behind the astrology-focused fashion brand Love by Luna reached out to see if I'd be interested in checking out their products, I thought it would be an interesting opportunity to explore my Sagittarius qualities. I was curious to see if a collection of zodiac-balancing goodies could have the same effects on me that they might on a tried and true Sag, and happily agreed to try them out.

The Company

Love by Luna blends style and astrology to help its customers embody their signs to the fullest, with a little bit of healing and spiritual guidance along the way. Their products include apparel, jewelry, gem elixirs, nail polishes and crystal and candle sets, all crafted with astrology in mind. The easiest way to find the products suited to you is by heading to your sign-specific page listing. I headed to the Sagittarius page to pick out a coin necklace, nail polish and crystal set to kick off my Sag journey.



The Experience

Sagittarius Coin Necklace

This was definitely the simplest zodiac item I received in my set of Sag swag, but it was also the one I utilized the most. It's a delicate 16-inch gold chain affixed with a small coin bearing the Sagittarius constellation, with tiny cubic zirconia details creating the stars, and its simplicity made it go along with pretty much anything I wore.

This was also the only product I tried on that didn't have any crystal healing powers attached to it, but it didn'need to.  Every time I saw the pendant around my neck in the mirror, I remembered that I should try to be a little more open and outgoing. I'm not sure if it actually led to any changes in my behavior, but I did feel good in it. And since these necklaces for every sign cost just $16, it's the perfect thing if you want to subtly exude the vibes of your sign.



Mystic Mani Nail Polish

This is where things got a little more interesting. Every zodiac sign has its own Mystic Mani nail polish, which comes in a shade that perfectly suits the qualities of the sign, as well as includes micronized crystal particles of a healing stone to balance that sign's personality.

Sagittarius' comes in a metallic, shimmery magenta that's meant to catch eyes and be a conversation starter for chatty, extroverted Sagittarius. It's also infused with teensy tiny bits of pulverized citrine crystal,  which is said to be a stone of manifestation and practicality. This is because Sagittarius is typically a sign with lofty dreams, but they don't always take the actions to put those dreams into motion. This nail polish is meant to counteract those tendencies.


I'd painted my nails on maybe four separate occasions this entire year before this polish arrived, so I was pretty used to having bare hands. Once I brushed on this bold shade, it was hard for me to miss, and I was constantly reminded that I was supposed to be leaning into my Sagittarius side—and that my ambitious goals could become reality if I just set my mind to it. I also received a number of compliments on the vibrant shade, so it was doing its job in that respect, too.

I don't know if the nail polish was responsible, but over the last week I've managed to whittle down a massive to-do list that was weighing on me, breaking it into manageable chunks so that everything will be sorted out before the holiday. Between work, last-minute holiday shopping and planning for a trip I'm taking in January, it was a lot to handle, but I finally feel like I have a hold on all of it. Thanks, citrine!

I was lucky to really like the nail polish associated with Sagittarius, but if you don't like yours, you have a couple options. Love by Luna also features varnishes tied to the full moon and the new moon, as well as a shade designed to aid meditation and another for soothing and healing. If you know your ascendant and moon signs, those might also suit you better.

And since every polish in the line costs $18, I'm now tempted to pick up bottles for my Leo ascendant and Pisces moon.


Sagittarius Crystal Set

Next is my favorite of Love by Luna's offerings, custom crystal sets for every zodiac sign. These sets of four stones are carefully curated with each sign's traits in mind, containing crystals to complement the energies of your sign. They enhance the positives while counterbalancing the negatives of your character, resulting in a more well-rounded you. While some signs have just one set for sale, others have a couple to choose from—and lucky Cancer and Virgo have three options of crystal sets each. Each one comes with a cute drawstring pouch for carrying, plus a card with information on each crystal.

I received their new Sagittarius crystal set containing shimmery purple and blue peacock ore, an amethyst point, a piece of tangerine quartz and a shiny tumbled hematite stone. Even without knowing what they were, I felt that they radiate positive energy, and I was excited to make them a part of my life.


The card inside the bag contained lots of useful info on the stones and how they work. Peacock ore is said to enhance Sag's expansive and open-minded qualities, while tangerine quartz channel focuses the sign's energy so they can see things through to completion—a tough thing for many Sagittarians. Amethyst allows the brutally honest sign to be more tactful in their communication, while hematite grounds them so they can become more focused and attentive.


Even if I didn'precisely fit the descriptions on the card, I was still excited to see if they could impact my life. When I didn't have the satchel of crystals in front of me, I made sure that they were at least in my bag, which was rarely more than an arm's length away, and did so for nearly a week.

Again, it's hard to say for certain that the stones were beneficial to me, though there are definitely moments that align with the positive qualities they're said to bestow. Last week I caught a bad cold, and though I usually try to tough it out when I'm sick, this time I decided it'd be a good idea to take a sick day and use that time to rest instead. Maybe that was the work of the peacock ore, guiding me to a solution to a problem, or the amethyst point bringing be better mental clarity.

Then when Tuesday came along, I had a lot to catch up on. But despite my frequent sneezes and slightly cloudy brain, I managed to really buckle down and focus on what I had to get done, essentially getting two days' worth of work done in one. It could have been that the hematite was helping me plan and get my thoughts organized, or that the tangerine quartz was helping me finish what I started.

Of the four crystals, my favorite wound up being the peacock ore. Not only is it gorgeous to look at, but it's the one that can help me embrace the outgoing, positive part of my inner Sagittarius. I haven't had much opportunity to put that to use just yet, but it'll be the perfect thing to have on me as I try to survive holiday season as an introvert.


Love By Luna's zodiac crystal sets range from $16 to $24, depending on the stone contained inside—and there's a stone set out there for every personality. And if you're less interested in your zodiac sign and more excited by the idea of accomplishing something specific in your life, Love by Luna also has intention sets for meditation, counteracting Mercury in retrograde, inspiring creativity and more. Those sets of five crystals cost $25 each and I want them all.


Bottom Line

If you have any belief in the power of astrology and healing crystals, you won't have any trouble finding products you'll love in the Love by Luna lineup. Their jewelry suits various styles, their nail polish shades are gorgeous (and crystal-infused) and their stone sets will help you set your intentions and live a more balanced life—or at least strive for one.

Of course, if you don'believe, then they probably won't do anything at all for you spiritually. But at least they'll still look super cute.


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