Every Beauty-Lover Needs to Get Behind LOVE GOODLY's Subscription Box

Being more aware of the toxins we put in our body through the chemicals in the products we use is something we all need to work towards. But it's something that's easier said than done.

Wanting to be a little bit more health and environmentally conscious myself, I did some digging for products that are good for me and the world around me. While doing so, I came across the subscription box known as LOVE GOODLY.

This eco-friendly selection, founded by Katie Bogue Miller and Justine Lassoff, packs a huge punch with the variety of green beauty and wellness products in every box designed to make you feel better about what you're putting in and on your body.

Love Goodly February and March subscription box

Scroll below to learn a little bit more about LOVE GOODLY and what happened when I tested out one of their boxes!

About the Boxes

Only $29.95 per month, this box provides you with items worth far more than its inexpensive value.

Every two months, you'll receive a box chock-full of vegan and natural beauty, lifestyle and wellness products.

Plus, 5% of the proceeds from each box benefits a various cause that LOVE GOODLY stands behind.

My Box's Contents

I received the box for Feb./March, with proceeds benefiting the Beagle Freedom Project.

Inside my box for the month was a scarf, a moisturizer, a highlighter and sunshine oil. I was also pleasantly surprised when I discovered every item in the box was vegan.

Though the box wasn't filled to the brim with a variety of items, I quickly became obsessed with each of them. I'll take quality over quantity any day of the week!

1. Marquet Fair Trade Ton Fai Open Weave Scarf – Though I'm not the biggest fan of scarves, I found myself drawing a liking to this one. Its simple and muted color matches with almost every item I have in my closet. Because it's a little chilly here in California, you can bet I'll be wearing this bad boy over the next couple of days.

Marquet Fair Trade Ton Fai Open Weave Scarf

2. Yuni Organic Active Calm Moisturizer – This was definitely my favorite product of the four in the box. It kept my skin totally moisturized all day long, especially my nose, which was peeling pretty badly after being sunburnt. Its calming scent is refreshing and I feel as though I was doing some sort of justice to myself for putting it on my face.

Yuni Organic Active Calm Moisturizer

3. Orglamix Cream Luminizer – I'll admit, I've never used any sort of highlighter on my face before, so I was nervous to try this one. Looking back, I don't know why I was so scared to test it. The product when on easily and wasn't at all greasy. I've been putting a little bit on my lids and brows each morning to create a sweet dewy look. And the best part is it looks so natural that no one would suspect that this little guy is the reason behind my perfect glow!

Orglamix Cream Luminizer

4. Orglamix Sunshine Oil – Another product that added to my glowing complexion was this sunshine oil. A little goes a long way with this guy. With only a few swipes of the rolling applicator, my skin was moisturized and brighter than ever. Even after I put some foundation over it, its illuminating factor didn't disappear.

Orglamix Sunshine Oil

Would I Recommend It?

Absolutely! This box is a great way to kickstart your venture into being more conscious about the products you use every day.

Using the items in this box will make you feel better about yourself, I know it did for me. And it's nice knowing that a portion of the money you spend to receive this box goes to help a worthy cause. What could be better?


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