Perfect Date Ideas, Based on Your S.O.'s Love Language

Wouldn't it be great if you had a secret formula that allowed you to know exactly what you can do to make your S.O. feel loved?

Well, that's pretty much what the love languages are. Created by Dr. Gary Chapman, the love languages represent the five different ways we give and receive love. Although all five are important, everyone has a primary love language that makes them feel the most adored and appreciated.

So why do they matter? Well, when you know your partner's love language, you can make informed decisions that will move your relationship forward by effectively communicating your affections to your person. It can affect the way you speak to each other, the time you spend together and even the dates you go on.

So if you want to start speaking your partner's love language, keep scrolling for perfect date ideas, based on your S.O.'s love language.

Receiving Gifts

A painting night. Receiving gifts is pretty self-explanatory. These people feel most loved when they receive trinkets of your affection. Therefore, a painting night is the perfect date idea to speak their love language. You can paint your canvases for each other, and exchange them as little mementos at the end. It's a fun activity, and it gives your "receiving gifts" parter something physical by which to remember the evening.

A surprise concert. If you want a slightly more extravagant date, try surprising your partner with concert tickets to one of their favorite artists. They'll appreciate the effort behind the gesture, and they'll have a fabulous night. After all, who doesn't like a concert?

Shop for each other. If you want to add some fun to your day, plan a shopping trip with your partner. But instead of shopping for yourself, create some guidelines that will allow you to pick out an item for each other. It could be a new book to read, an article of clothing or even a yummy dessert—the important thing is that you each pick something meaningful for the other person. It's like a game, but it has the added benefit of making your partner feel absolutely adored.

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Acts of Service

Cook dinner at home. People who speak acts of service primarily feel love when their partner does things for them, easing the list of responsibilities they have on their plate. Cooking them a nice dinner at home is the perfect date. It checks off one task on their to-do list, saves them from spending money and shows just how much you care about them, allowing them to rely on your actions instead of words alone.

Exercise together. If your partner is someone who likes to exercise, try working out together. They'll cherish the opportunity to spend time with you while doing something that's important to them. Plus, you might even motivate them to stay on their fitness schedule when they really don't feel like it—a quality they're sure to appreciate.

A DIY project. Completing a DIY project together is perfect for an acts of service partner. It allows you to spend time together, and it speaks to their desire to get things done. Make sure you pick a project that will add value to their life, like a new phone holder for their nightstand or a board to post all the pictures they've been meaning to put up. It might not sound exciting, but your partner will definitely appreciate it.


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Quality Time

A quiet dinner out. While dinner might sound like a boring, typical date, it's also the perfect option for a partner who speaks quality time. This partner just wants to spend uninterrupted time with you, chatting about your day and soaking in each other's company. Make sure to make a no-phones rule while you're out, and keep your attention fully on your partner. If you do that, they're sure to feel loved, no matter how ordinary the date might be.

A picnic. If you want to step things up from a typical dinner, try planning a picnic for your S.O. It could be a daytime picnic under the sun or a moonlit picnic under the stars—whatever the weather allows. Picnics require a little more effort than a dinner, but they still allow you to sit with your S.O. and really soak in each other's company, free of distractions.

A hike. Last, but not least, a quality time partner will really enjoy a hike. Don't make it too grueling—just shoot for more of an easy walk that allows you to chat to one another. A nice view at the end will be an extra bonus, but the most important thing is a secluded activity that gives you both an opportunity to spend time together.


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 Words of Affirmation

A first date do-over. Oddly enough, for people who speak the love language words of affirmation, words actually do speak louder they actions. They need to hear just how much you care for them. For this love language, we recommend a first date do-over. Go through every step of your first date and tell them all the along the way what you were thinking, when you truly started to fall for them and how much you care for them now. Trust us, your words of affirmation partner will love it.

A scavenger hunt. If you want a more elaborate date, try creating a scavenger hunt for your S.O. But make sure every clue includes something about how much you love them, or a specific quality that you really adore. You'll have a fun day, and they'll get all kinds of compliments in the process—it's a win-win.

Exchange love letters. If you really want to lean into the feelsy side of your words of affirmation partner, plan a date where you both exchange love letters. Sit down to write them together, exchange them and watch as your partner's heart swells. It's an especially romantic date, and it's the perfect way to speak their love language.


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Physical Touch

A movie night: Physical touch is an often misunderstood love language. At the core, people who speak this language just need affectionate, caring touch, like holding hands, cuddling or walking arm in arm. A movie night is a perfect way to incorporate their love language. You can snuggle up on the couch and stay in contact all night, fulfilling their need for touch while spending some relaxing time together.

Ice skating. What allows you to touch more than struggling to stay on your feet at an ice rink? This is a perfect date for a physical touch partner, as you'll likely be in contact the whole time while you stumble across the ice. Your muscles might be sore afterward, but your partner will be happy.

Theme park. If you want an out-of-the-box date, a theme park is the perfect option for a physical touch partner. Thrilling rides will have you grabbing each other for comfort during moments of fear. It'll have your heart-pounding, but it'll also give you an easy excuse to get closer to one another.


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