If You Love Rain, You'll Relate to These 9 Things

Rain, rain, don't go away—we want you here to stay!

We can't speak for the rest of the world, but just outside of our cozy Sweety High offices in Los Angeles last week, we experienced a very unexpected string of rainy days. This consistent downpour then got us thinking about how much we love these occasions.

Sure, rain isn't the safest for driving, busting out that umbrella can be a bit of a pain and hair-in-a-bun is likely your go-to during such conditions, but if you love the rain as much as we do, then you'll totally relate to the following nine things.

rainy window with coffee or tea mug in shot

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1. Summer is not your favorite season. Why worry about bugs and bikini pressure when you can anticipate a beautiful drizzle outside of your window? The best part about summer is it means fall (and likely rain) is just a few short months away!

2. You refuse to refer to a person you adore as your "ray of sunshine." You don't even like the sunshine, so why not call them your "raindrop" or something else all together?

3. You're stoked about an excuse to bundle up in boots, leggings, jackets, sweaters and sweatshirts—and no one will have a second thought about your casual choice of wear.

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4. You don't care whether or not you have plans on a rainy weekend night. You sort of feel like the rain outside is company enough!

5. Taking a photo of a rainy or post-rainy day looks so much more artsy and creative than just another sunny afternoon (think Insta likes, folks).

artsy shot of the rain on a window with rainbow in background

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6. Sleepless rainy nights are no bother. If there's anything you'd like to wake you in the middle of the night, it's pitter-patter falling from the sky.

7. Kissing in the rain, singing in the rain, playing in the rain—life is just a little more fun when you're feeling carefree under the dripping sky.

young couple get cozy in the rain

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8. Rain = automatically heightened mood. Period.

9. Coffee, tea and all your other fave warm beverages taste that much better when it's raining inside (and you can carry around a cute mug as an added accessory).

girl relaxing with coffee

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