LovePray's Essential Oil-Diffusing Crystal Bracelets Are a Stylish Way to Practice Aromatherapy

Ever since I was first introduced to aromatherapy a couple of years ago, it's become a regular part of my life.

At home, I have aromatherapy balms and sprays, and a humidifying diffuser that fills my room with wonderfully scented mist. While I've also kept my eye out for a cute, wearable solution in the form of aromatherapy jewelry, I've never been all too enamored with the designs I've found.

That is, until I was contacted on behalf of Lovepray, a company that specializes in chakra-healing jewelry through the use of gemstones and aromatherapy. They asked if I'd be interested in reviewing their stylish essential oil diffuser bracelets, and I was more than happy to take them up on the opportunity.


The Product

Lovepray's essential oil diffuser aromatherapy bracelets allow you to bring the benefits of aromatherapy with you wherever you go—but best of all, they actually look cute on your wrists.

The stretchy bracelets are strung with beads made from real gemstones and lava rock, and each has its own special properties according to the teachings of crystal healing. Because the lava rock is porous, it can absorb and hold the empowering scent of an essential oil for hours at a time.

Lovepray's jewelry is all designed and crafted in San Diego, California, and their online shop currently features 46 different styles of diffusing bracelets. Most of them retail for $39, but Lovepray's adjustable bracelets created with specific intentions, including "Communication," "Abundance" and "Joy," cost $49.

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The Experience

I don't typically wear much jewelry, but as soon as I opened up my Lovepray bracelets, I knew I'd get some mileage out of them. The company sent me one howlite and one rose quartz bracelet, and both had a subtle and sophisticated look to them. At first glance, I would never have guessed that they doubled as essential oil diffusers, and I was glad that they weren't bulky or gaudy.

The rose quartz bracelet had a very subdued shade of light pink, while its lava stones have a purple-green shimmer that changed with the light. According to the included tags, rose quartz is a powerful gemstone for healing matters of emotions and the heart. It's a stone of comfort and soothing, and I did would I could to keep those things in mind whenever I wore it.

Lovepray rose quartz bracelet aromatherapy

(via Lovepray)

I was an even bigger fan of the howlite bracelet. The white stones are marbled with streaks of grey, perfectly complementing the color of the matte silvery lava stones. Howlite is said to have calming properties and to help with meditation and sleep, pushing away negative thoughts. Both stones also had the added benefit of lava stones, which are known for their grounding energy (since they come from the center of the earth).

Lovepray Howlite aromatherapy bracelet

(via Lovepray)

It didn't take long for me to place both bracelets on my right wrist in an attempt to see if their cumulative effect could make me feel calm and emotionally steady. Both bracelets came with sturdy, stretchy elastic bands, making the bracelets really easy to take on and off when I needed to. I didn't realize until I did a little research that the bracelets come in three different sizes, and I still haven't found out exactly which sizes they are—but even though the rose quartz one has one less bead on it than the howlite one, they both fit me perfectly.

But the most important aspect of the bracelets was whether or not they would actually work as essential oil diffusers, and I quickly found out that they got the job done quite nicely. In the morning, I placed a couple drops of my current essential oil obsession, ylang ylang, on the bracelet's lava stones, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the scent lingered on until past lunchtime. The oil is believed to have properties that boost mood and calm nerves, and every time I got a whiff of the scent, it made me feel pretty good.

I continued the experience with different oils, revolving through citrus scents like lemon and orange when I needed an energy boost, and lavender when it was time to wind down for the night. I never had to take the bracelets off at night because they're super comfortable, and having the fragrance of lavender drift over me at night also helped me get to bed more easily when I remembered to anoint my lava stones with a little oil.

Lovepray rose quartz bracelet on wrist

(via Lovepray)

Of course, I also believe that the powers of both healing crystals and aromatherapy don't really work when the intention isn't there, and when I forgot I was wearing the bracelets, I didn't really feel their effects. All too often, I'd forget to add essential oils to them in the morning, and since I don't bring vials of oils with me, there wasn't much I could do about it. However, I do have my Intention Scenting kit at work, which led me to discover that the lava stones are almost as good at holding on to the scent of perfume as they are with essential oils.

If anything, I think fragrance is the true key to the bracelets' power. When I was surrounded by scent, I would be more mindful of my moods, and I felt better prepared against little things that might try to negatively impact my day. However, when I forgot to add a scent, any time I got stressed out or moody, I wouldn't necessarily remember that I had my bracelets on. Just thinking about them and their grounding, soothing and healing effects might have had an impact on my thought processes, but I wasn't always able to keep that in mind—though if you're already really good at practicing mindfulness, you probably won't have the same issue.

Getting the most out of my Lovepray bracelets is still a work in progress for me, but I intend to get there, and I'll get there in style.


Bottom Line

Not everyone has it in their budget to spend $39 to $49 for a bracelet, but if you're serious about setting intentions, crystals and aromatherapy, you're probably going to get a lot out Lovepray's jewelry. They'll do more for you the more present and aware you are, and even more if you're not like me and actually remember to add essential oils to them every day.

And even if you're skeptical about their more metaphysical properties, Lovepray's bracelets simply have a great aesthetic. I've spent more money on jewelry that I wore less often than my Lovepray bracelets, so the fact that they're multifaceted is just icing on the cake. With so many styles and gemstone powers to choose from, chances are there will be a bracelet that's exactly what you need right now. If you're on the prowl for a cute new accessory, I think Lovepray's bracelets are worth a shot.


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