We Bet You Don't Know The Weird Thing Lucy Hale Is Obsessed With

From singing to acting to looking stylish in everything she wears, Lucy Hale never ceases to amaze us. We made her our #WCW this week because she understands our love of musicians, dogs and all things paranormal. But Lucy is also doing some pretty amazing things in this world, and that's why we love her even more!

FULL NAME: Karen Lucille "Lucy" Hale (We never knew her real name was Karen!)

HOMETOWN: Memphis, Tennessee




DISLIKES: Snakes (EW!!!!!!!), spiders and flying


FAVORITE STARBUCKS DRINK: Iced soy latte with two Splendas (Deffo our fave, too!)



1. Lucy actually started her career on the singing competition show American Juniors. How adorable is this throwback vid of little Lucy singing on the show?

2. And we love seeing Lucy bring Aria to life on Pretty Little Liars, but she actually auditioned for the role of Hanna. So weird, right?

3. She is totally obsessed with teeth. She even admits she has 'teeth crushes' on people.

4. Lucy has the most adorable dog named Jack. Look how white and fluffy he is!

5. Lucy is all about the paranormal realm and, obviously, she believes in ghosts.

6. Our fave song off her album Road Between is "Lie a Little Better". Lucy revealed that it's actually about a crush she had on one of her PLL castmates, but it's not the person you would expect. Our Ezria hearts are breaking!

7. And her song "Nervous Girls" is all about female empowerment. She shared that it's about finding your inner confidence and not letting your fears keep you from achieving your dreams.

8. Football is one of her favorite sports to watch and she's a major fan of the Denver Broncos.

9. She has eight ear piercings in total. Loving all the bling!

10. She has a thing for musicians and so do we. Boys in bands will be the death of us!

11. Lucy is one of the sweetest people in the industry, so it's no wonder she teamed up with Abercrombie & Fitch to bring an end to bullying.

12. And she also is the face of the Boost the Volume campaign, which urges people to be aware of the dangers of meningococcal meningitis and to get vaccinated from the deadly infection.


Lucy's character Aria on PLL is #OOTD goals, but could she be your style twin? The only way to know for sure is by taking our quiz!