Ludwik the Skinny Pig's Pet Parent Told Us Why Being 'Different' Makes Him So Beloved

The adorable pink skinny pig Ludwik doesn't look like most other guinea pigs. That's why so many people are in love with him.

Even without fur, he has more than 160,000 dedicated followers on Instagram who love seeing him in adorable outfits, posing atop fruits and veggies and living a life that he might not have had he not come into the life of his owner, Agata.

We got the chance to ask Agata all about Ludwik and what being a pet parent to a skinny pig is all about.

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Sweety High: Why does Ludwik look the way he does?

Agata: Ludwik is a skinny guinea pig—it's a hairless breed because of a kind of genetic mutation.

SH: What was Ludwik's situation before you adopted him?

Agata: I first saw Ludwik at the pet store. He was visibly very ill and left without any treatment. He looked so unwell, with a huge wound on his little pink body due to a fungal infection. He also had pneumonia and conjunctivitis. Ludwik was very skinny at that time. I just knew that I couldn't leave him there.


SH: What kind of special care goes into looking after a naked skinny pig compared to a furry guinea pig?

Agata: If you want skinny pig for your own you must know that you must bathe them once a week and moisturize their skin almost every day. They are definitely more fragile than furry guinea pigs.

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SH: What are Ludwik's funniest quirks?

Agata: Ludwik is about 2 years old now. He is a sleepyhead and he lives for cuddling. He also falls asleep when I kiss his nose.


SH: When did you start taking photos of Ludwik and posting them to Instagram?

Agata: I was so in love with Ludwik that I started taking photos of him all the time to post on my private Facebook account. After a little while my friend told me I should create an Instagram account for him. I was really shocked that people enjoyed his photos the same way I do.

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SH: Did you know there would be a lot of people on Instagram who love skinny pigs?

Agata: Actually I had no idea! I never had an Instagram account before and I'm always surprised by how popular Ludwik has become. It's been a very positive experience for me. I've met lots of great people from all around the world. People often share their stories with me and I would not have that opportunity if I didn't start Ludwik's account.


SH: Do you think that the unusual nature of Ludwik's appearance inspires people? How so?

Agata: I think that his appearance and his whole story is proof that your life can change at any moment. Even in a very bad situation there's always hope. Many people share their story with me and say that Ludwik's daily photos have helped them pass through some hard time in life.


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