7 Things You Should Know About Actor Luke Cosgrove

On-the-rise actor Luke Cosgrove is someone you definitely want on your radar.

His first big TV project The Mist premieres June 22 on Spike and we can't wait. Learn all about your new fave cutie below!


(Photo Credit: Jason Willheim)

Name: Luke Cosgrove

Birthday: April 24

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Fun Facts:

1. When he needs inspiration or advice, he turns to his parents. "They always find a way to get through to me," he tells Sweety High. "Other times it's from close friends who are also in the industry because they know how to relate the best." We love that he has such a close relationship with his mom, it totally shows in the pic below.

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2. His role as Jay on The Mist is his first big part in show business. We can't wait to see what he does after that.

3. He is addicted to watching Jimmy Fallon videos on YouTube. We obviously approve seeing as we live for Saturday Night Live reruns.

4. He loves Leonardo DiCaprio almost as much as we do. He considers the actor and philanthropist his biggest hero.

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5. He's a fantastic actor, but also has a few other low-key talents he decided to share with us. "I can wolf-whistle really loudly without using any hands," he shares. "It's perfect for hailing a cab in New York!"

6. His style is super retro. "I have this weird old-school way of dressing myself," he says. "I own a lot of vintage clothes—denim jackets, leather jackets and ripped jeans get a thumbs up from me."

7. His fave Disney villain is Scar from The Lion King.


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