Here's the Ultimate Drone for Your Girl Squad

Having a slumber party with your pals? Here's the ultimate gadget that'll bring life to your laidback ladies night.

Sydney Wiseman, one of the masterminds behind WowWee's latest tech gadget, wants to make toys more inclusive to girls. This is why she helped devise the Lumi Drone, a must-have on every holiday wish list this year.

Girl playing with drone toy

(via WowWee)

We tested out the toy in our Sweety High studios and it's so easy to control! What makes it especially awesome is you can literally create your own custom air show and it's so easy.  You can use your phone or tablet to create stunts and even have the drone follow you.

Tell your slumber party guests to bring their dancing shoes because the drone has a multi-player mode so you can challenge others to follow the flashing lights while Lumi flies and dances in the air based on your moves.

Boy and girl playing with a drone

(via WowWee)

And get how cool this is: You can choreograph your own flight moves and play them back to music selected from your own tunes. 


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