10 Tasty Treats Just for Celebrating the Lunar New Year

The Lunar New Year is arriving early in 2023, beginning on Jan. 22 as we say goodbye to the year of the Tiger and hello to the Year of the Rabbit.

The Lunar New Year is observed in China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and many other countries around the world, and is celebrated by honoring ancestors, decorating with vibrant red furnishings and getting together with family for feasts. Want to get in on the delicious fun with some great Lunar New Year eats? Keep scrolling for some of our favorites of 2023.

Kitsby x Mike Chen: Ultimate Hotpot Kit: $195.95

Most traditional Lunar New Year celebrations involve big, delicious meals, making hotpot a go-to for families looking to make a lot of tasty food with minimal effort. This Ultimate Hotpot Kit made in collaboration between Kitsby and Mike Chen of Simply Dumpling includes not just an authentic stainless steel dual hot pot with ladles, special chopsticks and an apron, but also all kinds of tasty goodies for an incredible night of hotpot. With two soup bases, two soup enhancers, seven sauces and 11 foods for cooking, including things from tofu and Spam to various noodles and dried veggies, it's the perfect intro to decadent hotpot, and will make you want to make hotpot nights a weekly occurrence.

Kitsby x Mike Chen: Ultimate Hotpot Kit

(via Umamicart)


Sugarfina Lion Dance 8 Piece Candy Bento Box: $80

If you're looking for something a little sweeter, Sugarfina will never let you down, and their Lion Dance 8 Piece Candy Bento Box is absolutely stunning while packaging eight tasty candies to taste and share. It includes Lotus Flowers, Lucky Mandarins, Peach Blossoms, Strawberry Hearts, Pomegranate Bears, Coconut Toffee Macadamias, Green Tea Almonds and Gold Pearls for the perfect blend of fruity, caramely and earthy flavors, and the dragon dance featured on the box is just too darling.

Sugarfina Lion Dance 8 Piece Candy Bento Box

(via Sugarfina)


Harney & Sons Lunar New Year 2023 Tea Blend: $13.95

Nian gao is a scrumptious Chinese rice cake enjoyed during the Lunar New Year, and this unique Lunar New Year 2023 tea from Harney & Sons is inspired by the dessert, with caramel, sesame and coconut flavor in every cup of the rich black tea.

Harney & Sons Lunar New Year 2023 Tea Blend

(via Harney & Sons)


Sprinkles Lunar New Year Red Box Bundle: $88

This Lunar New Year, Sprinkles Cupcakes is teaming up with API non-profit Gold House to create the new Gold Bunny Red Velvet cupcake, with fragrant almond both within the red velvet and in its almond cookie crust, as well as the almond-cream cheese frosting. Their Lunar New Year Red Box Bundle will feature three each of the Gold Bunny Red Velvet, Red Velvet, Dark Chocolate and Strawberry cupcakes, plus special red envelopes, which are filled with money and giving during the Lunar New Year. It'll be available from Jan. 16 to Jan. 29 at Sprinkles bakeries around the country, so don't miss out.

Sprinkles Lunar New Year Red Box Bundle

(via Sprinkles)


Misaky Lunar New Year Box: $72

Misaky makes exquisite crystal-shaped candies that are both vegan and gluten-free, and for the Lunar New Year, they have a special two-layer box packed with flavors inspired by the holiday. These treats may look like gemstones, but they have a slightly crunchy exterior with a jelly-like center, with great flavors including matcha, almond-tofu, yuzu and kumquat-pineapple. of course, the best part of the set has to be the massive Year of the Rabbit Crystal Treat, featuring a lychee-passion fruit crescent moon with a cranberry-lemon bunny in the middle.

(via Misaky)


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Umamicart x Rice Blossoms Korean Dessert Sampler: $55

Umamicart always has the best collabs, and for the Lunar New Year, they've teamed up with Rice Blossoms to create an incredible gift box featuring nine pieces of classic Korean desserts. It contains black sesame dashik cookies with eye-catching floral patterns, fruity yanggeng jellies and rich bean paste cookies with raspberry and matcha, celebrating the holiday with the best traditional flavors around.

Umamicart x Rice Blossoms Korean Dessert Sampler

(via Umamicart)


Dao Xiang Cun Assorted Dim Sum Pastry Gift Box: $45.89

If you'd love to explore the Lunar New Year desserts beloved in China, this Dao Ziang Cun Assorted Dim Sum Pastry Gift Box is just the thing. It includes eight flavors of traditional Dim Sum-style pastries, with cakes for luck, good fortune, longevity and more, featuring various delicious fillings. Plus, the box is stylish enough that you'll hold onto it even long after the treats inside have been eaten up.

Dao Xiang Cun Assorted Dim Sum Pastry Gift Box

(via Yami)


Lady M My Melody Lunar New Year Gift Set: $88

This ridiculously stunning Lunar New Year Gift Set, made in collaboration between cake boutique Lady M and Sanrio, features the classic character My Melody in honor of the Year of the Rabbit. The lucky red keepsake box features a clear door, granting access to the six yummy confections within—plus a drawer containing six confetti shaker red envelopes for gifting cash for prosperity. The treats within manage to be just as cute as the box itself, with a tasty variety of flavors, from chewy, citrusy Golden Tangerine Pearls to chocolatey Sweet Cookie Puffs and the perfectly balanced, earthy Harmonious Matcha Crunch. There's a flavor here for every type of sweet tooth, and the packaging makes for the perfect knickknack holder long after you've gobbled up everything inside. Lady M My Melody Lunar new year gift set

(via Lady M)


Lady M Red Bean Mille Crêpes: $118

Many consider red bean a lucky food, which is why it's often associated with the Lunar New Year, and we've never loved the flavor more than in this Red Bean Mille Crêpes cake from Lady M. If you've ever found the sweet, earthy taste of red bean paste just a bit too much for your palate to handle, prepare to fall in love with a subtler application of the classic flavor in the form of a whipped red bean pastry cream, layered between dozens of perfectly thin and lacy French crêpes. This one's a bit pricey, but after enjoying slice after slice, we can say it's worth every penny.

Lady M Red Bean millie crepes

(via Lady M)


Fly by Jing Hot Pot Dip Set: $62

Like your Lunar New Year hot pot extra hot? Then you have to try Fly by Jing and their stunning flavored Fire Hot Pot Base and sauces, which all complement each other to utter perfection. Start with the Fire Hot Pot Base, dipping your favorite meats and veggies into a fiery Sichuan pepper blend with warm clove and ginger to season them to perfection, then add the rest to taste! Their Sichuan Chili Crisp is an award-winning, flavor-packed sauce combining heat with a savory richness, while the Chili Crisp Vinaigrette adds sesame, vinegar and soy sauce for a complex explosion of flavor. Lastly, their brand-new Sichuan Gold sauce packs extra Sichuan pepper heat, so just a dab will elevate each bite. With this hot pot combo, we can just eat cabbage over rice and be completely satisfied—it's that good.

Fly by Jing hot pot dip set

(via Fly by Jing)


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