A Definitive Ranking of Lunchables, From Worst to Best

If you regularly bring Lunchables to school for lunch, chances are that you have a hierarchy of favorites.

While you have some that you probably love finding in your lunchbox, there are others you'd rather your parents would never buy. I visited a few of our local grocery stores to try every Lunchable I could, and here's my definitive ranking of them, from worst to best.

15. Uploaded: 6-Inch Ham & American Sub Sandwich

At first glance this appears to be a pretty hearty lunch, but it's mostly disappointing. It consists of a 6-inch submarine sandwich bun, Oscar Mayer ham and Kraft American cheese slices with mayonnaise, but the elements combine to form a dry, bland meal. Despite six thin slices of cheese and four slices of ham, there's way too much bread for this sandwich, making the whole thing quite bland. I think the addition of mustard would pep the sandwich up quite a bit, but without it, it's my least favorite Lunchable.

14. Uploaded: 6-Inch Turkey & Cheddar Sub Sandwich

My complaints about this sandwich are similar to those above, except this sub is slightly elevated by better-tasting turkey slices and cheddar, rather than American cheese. Though it's still dry, it's a bit more palatable thanks to the ingredients.


13. Ham and American Cracker Stacker

Crackers, meat and cheese are a winning combination, but the success of the overall product depends entirely on what those meats and cheeses are. The ham in Lunchables is a little rubberier than the turkey, and the American cheese is by far inferior to cheddar, putting this at the bottom of the Cracker Stacker list. It's still totally edible thanks to a buttery, rich cracker, but not our favorite by far.

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12. Ham and Cheddar Cracker Stacker

When you swap out the American cheese for cheddar on a ham Cracker Stacker, it instantly improves in taste. The flavor of the cheese is more complex, making for a tastier meal in general.


11. Turkey and American Cracker Stacker

Again, I think the taste and texture of the turkey Cracker Stackers are simply better than the ham ones. Though American cheese isn't my favorite dairy addition, this combination still edges out the ham and cheddar.

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10. Turkey and Cheddar Cracker Stacker

Of the Cracker Stacker ingredients I've discussed thus far, this one includes the best of the best. The turkey is juicy while the cheddar is sharp, creating a nice balance of flavors along with the crackers. If you're a picky eater, this is likely the Cracker Stacker for you.


9. Turkey and Swiss Cracker Stacker

Turkey and cheddar are good, but turkey and swiss? Forget about it. The flavor of swiss cheese complements the turkey even better, making for an almost sophisticated Cracker Stacker experience.

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8. Chicken Dunks

I'd never had Chicken Dunks before this taste test and was expecting them to be pretty gross, so I was pleasantly surprised by them. They consist of breaded Oscar Mayer white meat chicken, complete with a starch-thickened ketchup for dipping. The nuggets themselves are perfectly round, and actually smelled pretty tasty, but as soon as I picked one up, I was turned off by the cold texture. However, the taste was fine, with light salt and pepper flavoring, and the ketchup actually wasn't horrible for dipping. While it didn't compare to the real piping-hot thing,  I've absolutely had worse

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7. Extra Cheesy Pizza

What could go wrong with pizza? This Lunchable contains four pizza crusts, a packet of pizza sauce and two types of Kraft cheese. These cheese is sharp and the tomato sauce is tangy as well as sweet. When it's assembled, it doesn't exactly replicate the taste of a slice of cold pizza, but it does the job—though the thin, flat-bread like crust wasn't as tasty as I remembered.

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6. Uploaded: Deep Dish Pizza with Pepperoni

This intense take on the Lunchables pizza changes up the formula with a single deep dish pizza crust. It comes with a pizza sauce packet that's the same size as the ones that come with the other pizzas, though I only needed about half of it to totally coat the crust. It also comes with a blend of Kraft cheese and seven slices of pepperoni, which completely cover the bottom of the crust as well. While this would rate higher, the fact that the sides of the crust can't really have any toppings feels like an oversight. It's too thick there, and without any cheese or pepperoni just doesn't taste as good as the rest of the pizza.


5. Pizza With Pepperoni

In my opinion, the pizza with pepperoni gets the ratio of crust, sauce, cheese and pepperoni just right, compared with the off-balance deep dish pizza. It's essentially the extra cheesy pizza if one of these cheeses were substituted for pepperoni, and with the pepperoni being the star of the show, it rises far above it. You only get three crusts with this pizza's nine slices of pepperoni, but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make for taste's sake.


4. Pepperoni & Mozzarella Cracker Stacker

This Lunchable ingeniously combines the crunch of a Cracker Stacker with the flavors of their pizzas to make the ultimate version of the Cracker Stacker. It combines pepperoni with Kraft mozzarella and their signature crackers to evoke the pizza-eating experience—no pizza sauce required. Though the sliver of mozzarella is thinner than the cheese that comes with other Cracker Stackers, I think it's intentional to get the flavor ratio just right. Overall, the combination simply works.


3. Nachos With Cheese Dip & Salsa

It may seem weird that tiny tortilla chip rounds with cold nacho cheese and salsa could be ranked this high, but the taste warrants the ranking. When I was younger, I loved this Lunchable even though I refused to dip the chips in the cheese, but I've now discovered that mixing the cheese and salsa is the way to go. The salsa tastes fresh and has a lightly spicy kick, and the gooey cheese still manages to taste good after sitting in the fridge. Together, they create a totally snackable flavor combination.


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2. Pizza Kabobbles

Here's another entry that I thought would rank much lower on the list. Before trying it for this article, I'd never had a "Kabobble" and wasn't exactly sure what I was even supposed to do, but I soon realized that the goal was to use pretzel sticks to pierce through pepperonis and American cheese slices to create a kabob of sorts. I was shocked at how good the resulting Kabobble tasted—though admittedly I got lazy and used a wrapping technique to finish the rest. It's kind of like the pizza Cracker Stacker, but with pretzels instead of crackers, but I was impressed by the taste and texture. Maybe Lunchables needs to start including pretzel crackers in their meals to really win me over.


1. Uploaded: Nachos Grande With Cheese Dip & Salsa

Maybe I like Lunchables' take on nachos a little too much, but their Nachos Grande easily makes it to the top of my list. This one comes with a separate bag containing much larger tortilla chip rounds, plus a different container for the cheese and salsa. It has all of the goodness of the classic nachos, but packs in way more of everything good. If I had to make one complaint, it's that the containers have square edges, making it tough to scoop out every last bit of salsa and cheesy goodness with a massive round chip. That's definitely not enough to stop me from enjoying it the most.


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