Lush Created a Bath Bomb Zodiac Chart and It's Scary Accurate

It's like Lush is reading our minds.

The cosmetics company, which is known for their scrubs, lotions, bath bombs and more, shared a chart on Instagram on Thursday, August 2, that combines two things we love: bath bombs and astrology.

The colorful chart, which you can see below, features the 12 signs of the zodiac and lists a corresponding bath bomb for each one, based on dominant personality traits.

For example, Cancers, who are known to be a bit moody, were assigned the Big Blue bath bomb because, in the words of the chart, they're "a little bit salty." According to Lush's website, Big Blue offers a "truly oceanic experience" because, in addition to calming lavender and lemon oils, the bath bomb also contains "some of nature's finest ingredients" such as sea salt and seaweed.

Sagittarians, on the other hand, who are typically adventurous and have a passion for traveling the world, were assigned the Intergalactic bath bomb because they are "down for space travel." Seeing as how the Intergalactic bath bomb is "an awesome mix of refreshing peppermint and neon colors will send your mood rocketing, while popping candy takes you on a trip around the Milky Way," that sounds like a perfect match!

The chart has already received more than 106,000 likes on Instagram, and Lush fans are loving the fun and accurate pairings. "Mine's so true," wrote one.

Another fan summed it up perfectly: "If you think I'm gonna go buy a bath bomb because of my zodiac sign then you're absolutely right."

Since Mercury slipped into retrograde on July 26 (and will stay there until August 18) this chart is especially useful. In addition to being colorful, and smelling downright delicious, Lush's bath bombs are designed to relax, and are the perfect way to calm your nerves and stay stress-free if the planets are throwing you for a loop.


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