Lush's Newest Fragrance Will Have Coffee-Lovers Buzzing

Pumpkin spice may currently be the scent that defines fall, but Lush's latest fragrance is ready to take that title.

Meet Cardamom Coffee.

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The perfect blend of warm and relaxing cardamom oil and balancing and restorative rose oil, the perfume will give you that extra boost of energy to partake in all of fall's exciting activities.

A truly cozy scent, it'll also put your mind at ease when you want to snuggle up in bed with a piping hot cup of apple cider while reading a good book.

It really will leave you feeling all sorts of warm and fuzzy inside. What more could you ask for?

Man spraying Cardamom Coffee fragrance from Lush

(Photo Courtesy of Lush)

Cardamom Coffee is currently only on sale at Lush's North American Gorilla Gallery Tours—an interactive exhibition where guests can immerse themselves in the scents that inspired Lush's newest fragrances—in Vancouver, Chicago and Dallas.

But have no fear, if you can't make it to the gallery tours, the perfume will be available on Lush's website and in stores later this year. Though it will set you back a bit, considering the 100 mL bottle cost a cool $155. Thankfully, the solid version of this perfume is a more affordable $16.

Keep your eyes peeled, because this is a fragrance you don't want to mist (get it?) out on.


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