10 Items From Lush's Christmas Collection That You Need ASAP

Christmas came early!

Lush debuted their 2019 holiday collection earlier this month, and it's safe to say the line of shimmering, scented and downright adorable items doesn't disappoint. From bath bombs to lip scrubs, this themed collection has everything you could ask for… and then some!

Scroll down for our list of must-have items from Lush's 2019 holiday collection!

1. Snow Fairy Amazeball: $8.95

Yeah, this item has "Amazeball" in its title, and with good reason. It's basically a bath bomb on steroids that also happens to be filled with enchanting pixie dust meant to be sprinkled in your bath. The result? Sparkling water with pink fizzing swirls, and the sweet and citrus scents of synthetic musk and Persian lime, which will immediately transport you to a calmer place.

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2. Let It Snow Shimmer Bar: $8.95

Even if you don't like snow, it's hard to resist this snowflake-shaped shimmer bar, which will make you look and feel radiant. The beloved lavender-tonka "Sleepy" scent helps keep you calm, cool and collected, while rich cocoa and shea butters soothe and hydrate dry winter skin. The best part? This bar leaves behind a sea of sparkling glitter that adds shimmer and shine everywhere and anywhere you want this holiday season.

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3. Polar Bear Plunge Bubble Bar: $7.95

This iridescent bubble bar is almost too cute to toss in the bath. Almost. Warm and comforting, this minty bubbler will leave you feeling incredibly fresh. Just relax in a bear hug of fluffy foam, while the invigorating peppermint oil perks up your senses. What's more? A touch of fine sea salt softens the water and your skin, leaving you feeling bear-y, bear-y soft all winter long.

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4. Igloo Bath Oil: $5.95

This igloo-shaped bath oil is just what you need to give your skin some much-needed shelter from the harsh winter air. It features an invigorating blast of menthol and moisturizing murumuru butter, which deeply conditions your skin and locks in the bergamot, sweet wild orange and peppermint-infused hydration. All you have to do is just chill.

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5. Cookie Dough Shower Scrub: $19.95

A shower scrub that smells like holiday treats? Yes, please! This blend of extra-fine sea salt and granulated sugar was designed to gently smooth out rough skin, while glycerine and aloe vera extract soften and soothe your body. The scrub's unmistakable, mouthwatering aroma comes from a heavenly blend of vanilla and almond oils, real cocoa powder and gardenia extract.

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6. Candy Cane Toothpaste: $9.95

Why not start every day with a little cheer? Now you can, thanks to this candy cane-inspired toothpaste jelly packed full of menthol crystals to cleanse teeth and soothe gums. Carrageenan extract and agar agar give this wiggly, wobbly toothpaste a unique texture as you enjoy the familiarly refreshing taste of peppermint oil. Perfect for all those mistletoe kisses!

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7. Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub: $12.95

This purple scrub has the power to soften the driest lips—a winter must. Oh, and it tastes good, too. In fact, as the vivid violet hue begins to fade away, you'll enjoy a flavor as sweet as sugary plums, with the added vibrancy of sweet wild orange oil. It doesn't get much better than that.

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8. Rudolph Jelly Face Mask: $9.95

The most famous face mask of all! This decadent jelly mask smells just like chocolate pudding and feels twice as sweet. Fuller's earth and rhassoul mud give skin a deep clean, while orange juice tones and brighten. In other words, you can't go wrong with this one!

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9. Gnomes Knot-Wrap: $5.95

Not only is this whimsical reusable wrap made from recycled plastic bottles, but it features a circle of adorable dancing gnomes, a snowman flanked by snow-covered trees, and plenty of other holiday-friendly touches.

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10. Sleepy Dust Dusting Powder: $8.95

If you already love the calming scent of Sleepy and Twilight in a bath bomb, shower jelly, body lotion, shower bomb, soap, body spray and shower gel, can you really resist one more way to slow down at the end of a long day? This beautiful body powder isn't just great for post-shower softness and relaxation, it also smells heavenly when lightly dusted onto sheets, shoes and anywhere else you want to feel dry and dreamy. If the holidays tend to stress you out, this is a must-buy!

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