Lush's Easter 2021 Collection Will Turn Your Tub Into a Spring Paradise

I have to admit that lately, I've been very into baths.

I see the tub as a refuge–a calm, quiet place where I can recharge my mind, as well as my body, while soaking up warmth, hydrating my body and indulging my senses with beautiful colors and fabulous scents.

And no matter how many brands of bath bomb I try, no one comes close to Lush in terms of boldly colored fizz and effervescent bubbles, as well as signature scents I want to coat myself in, day in and day out. So when I saw that the company had some new goodies on the menu for Easter, I reached out to my pals at Lush, and they generously provided me with some of the newest seasonal products to try for myself. They've lived up to all of my expectations, and more.

Avo Good Easter: $11.95

Lush's Avo Good Easter is the size and shape of a hearty avocado, but is actually two bars of soap in disguise. This bar doesn't generate a ton of suds, but does leave skin feeling richly hydrated thanks to the inclusion of actual avocado oil in the formula. It has an unusually soft, citrusy scent, which will keep you coming back for more. It's a good thing that, with two big halves to it, it's a very generously sized product. It's also a rich green color, which appears on the skin without dying it. However, I will warn you that if you let this soap touch your other soapy bath products, you will probably get some color transfer!

Lush: Avo good easter

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The Owl and the Pussycat $10.95

Whether you want one epic bath time experience, or three separate colorful soaks, you can't go wrong with this The Owl and the Pussycat bath bomb set. Consisting of a blue cat, a yellow owl and a big green boat for them both to float in, gardenia extract gives them the scent of fruity tablet candy.

Lush: The Owl and the Pussycat bomb

I decided to get the most out of it and stretch it out into three baths, filling the tub each time with vibrant, pure and relatively opaque color, but you can use them all at once, if you wish—or even break the green bomb in two to make the experience last even longer. Thanks to the inclusion of agar agar and carrageenan extract, it also left my skin feeling moisturized and amazing each time.

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Lush: The Owl and the Pussycat bomb in the water

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Eggy Wegg: $7.45

This unusual pink bath bomb, embedded with a sunny side up egg pattern, is just too pretty to ignore, and I was delighted to get to try it in the bath. This bomb, with its lemon and mint scent, was a little difficult to place at first, but once the bomb started melting in the bath, I couldn't get enough of the fragrance. Lush: Eggy Wegg bath bomb

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It was also absolutely beautiful as it fizzed away in the water, leaving behind swirling trails of pink, white and yellow in the tub. It also took a long time to dissolve (which is always a plus), but I found myself guiding the bomb a bit with my hands, which did stain them pink ever-so-slightly. Still, this was only because I was handling the bomb more than necessary. At the end of the bath, the water was left a deep, rich, yet mostly transparent orange-pink color which left me feeling energized as well as relaxed.

Lush: Eggy wegg fizzing


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Humpty Dumpty $9.95

When I saw the Humpty Dumpty bomb, the colors made me think it would just be The Owl & the Pussycat bomb all over again, but I couldn't have been more wrong. This massive two-toned bomb had a completely different bergamot and orange citrus scent, mixed with sweet caramel, and while I was tempted to emulate his great fall and crack him in two to save him for two baths, I eventually decided to just throw the whole thing in—and I was really glad I did.

Lush: Humpty Dumpty bomb

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This 10.5 oz. bomb just went and went and went, with the yellow and light blue colors taking turns generating fizzy bubbles in the water as it spun around again and again. Not only was the foam at the surface impressive, but once it had finished its rounds around the tub, it had dyed the water an incredibly opaque slime green color. I couldn't see myself in it at all, and that was a delight. It smelled amazing, and it made my skin feel amazing, too.

Lush: Humpty Dumpty in the water

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Flamingo Egg $7.95

Last but not least was the Flamingo Egg. I have to admit that, at first, I found the design a bit garish, with its vibrant pink top half coated in colorful sea salt chunks, and its teal-pattern bottom half. However, I only had to dip it in the tub to discover that it's actually the prettiest Lush bath bomb I've ever had the pleasure of trying.

Lush: Flamingo egg bath bomb

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Not only did this bomb let out the most fabulous lemon candy scent as it melted, but the pink and aqua ripples it created in the water were drop-dead gorgeous. This bomb was not just long-lasting, but stunning all of the way through. Even better yet, once it was done fizzing, it left the bathwater a strong shade of violet, packed with tiny flakes of glitter. It left my skin so soft—and dusted with the tiniest bit of shine. All in all, this was my favorite, and definitely one I'd buy in the future.

Lush: Flamingo egg in the water

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