Lush's Wild Holiday 2019 Collection Is Full of Goodies to Add to Your Wish List

It seems that Lush never disappoints with their epic holiday collections.

This year, Lush is carrying more than 70 limited-edition and cruelty-free holiday products just for the special season. As always, we're obsessed. The generous folks at the company sent us a big bundle of fabulously festive bath goodies to try out this winter, and here's what we thought of every one of them.

Snowman Bath Oil Tablet: $8.95

The Snowman Bath Oil Tablet melts into the bathtub for an incredibly hydrating bathing experience. It leaves the water a wintery blue-green color while scenting it with Sicilian lemon and lemon myrtle oil, making this bath oil tablet particularly luxurious. We found that half of the bar broken into the tub was more than enough, leaving the skin smooth, slick and super moisturized. You may want to use even less and make it last longer, as a little goes a long way—and this oil will leave your tub a bit slippery after your bath. Though the scent doesn't exactly evoke winter for us, it's exactly the bright fragrance you might need to combat your winter woes.



Santa Reusable Bubble Bar: $11.95

We love Lush's emphasis on citrus scents this holiday season. The bar's lime aroma packs a potent punch, and simply holding it under the running tap will fill the bath with wonderful pink bubbles. Not only does it make for the ultimate bubble bath, but this thing lasts, and even after three baths, our Santa bar is still going strong.



Cookie Dough Shower Scrub: $19.95

This Cookie Dough Shower Scrub's sweet scent is so delicious you'll have to hold yourself back from tasting it. The scrub smells of almonds and hazelnuts with a healthy dose of vanilla, and it's super exfoliating, making your skin feel fresh and renewed. Plus, this small jar will last you a long while, as just a little scoop goes a long way.



Snow Fairy Amazeball: $8.95

Few things make a bath feel more decadent than a giant, fizzy bath bomb, and the Snow Fairy Amazeball is exactly that. It's a rather large pink bath bomb with a star-shaped stopper that can be removed to reveal a hollow center filled with vibrant pink pixie dust. You can either pour the pixie dust into your tub for a rich bubble bath, and use the bomb when it's all gone, or go all-out and use it all at once. Either method results in a hot pink explosion of color in the tub. The scent is a little musky, mixed with fruity citrus, making it incredibly rejuvenating. Just be warned—this bomb may leave you (and your tub) a little pink!




Yog Nog Naked Shower Gel: $14.95

We weren't all that familiar with Lush's naked shower gels before trying Yog Nog, so we were very curious about what the experience would be like. It turns out it's a bit like bathing with delightfully scented modeling clay. The smell is like a delicate Christmas dessert, with a hint of vanilla and spice, and it leaves a delicate shimmer on the skin. Best of all, since it's free of packaging, none of it winds up in the landfill—though we did see that the black "cap" took a little extra effort to dissolve in the shower. If you don't want to leave a big, mushy lump of gel on the ledge of your shower (particularly if you share with others) we recommend breaking or slicing off a peace to bring into the shower with you to prevent melting and make this naked gel last as long as possible. lush-yog-nog-shower-gel-120619


Let It Snow Shimmer Bar: $8.95

If you enjoy Lush's Sleepy and Twilight lines, you're going to adore their Let It Snow Shimmer Bar. The combination of lavender and tonka bean make for a dreamy, vanilla-like scent that'll help lull you to sleep while also leaving your skin feeling supple and moisturized. It'll also cover you in sparkly, plastic-free glitter and a delicate blue sheen, making you feel like you're walking in a winter wonderland.



Dreaming of Christmas Set: $27.95

If the Let It Snow bar isn't enough for that pre-bed bather in your life, the Dreaming of Christmas Set might be their perfect fit. It includes a Sleepy-scented bar soap, shower bomb, body lotion and dusting powder, allowing them to make the most of their favorite yawn-inducing nighttime scent.


The Sleepy bar soap is creamy and hydrating, while the shower bomb creates a rich, exfoliating lather under running water. The lotion feels amazing out of the bath, and the Sleepy Dust will make your skin soft or add a delightful scent on your pillow and sheets to make bedtime extra comfy. Even if it's not guaranteed to cure insomnia, it'll make bedtime so much more pleasant.



Little Green Bag Set: $39.95

Our very favorite group of amazing bath treats in Lush's latest holiday collection is the Little Green Bag set. All of the products inside come inside of biodegradable packaging, and even the bindle itself is an eco-friendly reusable knot wrap made from recycled plastic bottles.



The Olive Branch Naked Shower Gel is a fruity, orange-scented solution with sharp floral undertones, packed with olive oil for extra moisture. The Not Sleepy Shower Bomb is ultra-lemony, with a delicate texture that froths the second it touches the flow of the shower to generate a richly vibrant yellow lather that's slightly exfoliating and completely hydrating. The Minamisoma Naked Shower Oil has bold, enlivening lemon smell thanks to its bergamot oil and is extra soothing, leaving the skin feeling like it's slathered in silky lotion before you've even exited the shower.

But our very favorite inclusion of all is the Godiva Shower Bar, complete with a cute carrying tin. Only a little is needed to generate a fluffy lather that smells like strong jasmine green tea, making our hair feel clean as well as sleek and shiny. And since it cleans and conditions all at once, it also helps you cut down on time in the shower.





Gingerbread House Set: $59.95

The Gingerbread House set from Lush comes in an adorably festive tin and is positively packed with holiday-themed goodies. It includes a Cookie Dough Body Scrub and Lip Scrub, Yog Nog Shower Gel, Pop Art and Marshmallow World Bath Bombs, The Comforter Bubble Bar and the Candy Cane Reusable Bubble Bar to keep your baths merry and bright all winter long.lush-gingerbread-house-120610

We've already described how much we love the Cookie Dough Body Scrub, and the lip version smells just as good while being the perfect exfoliant for the lips. The Yog Nog Shower Gel smells equally amazing when it comes in a little plastic bottle, while the Pop Art bath bomb somehow captures the salty, creamy scent of Christmas popcorn while also crackling like Pop Rocks in the tub. The Marshmallow World Bath Bomb will make you feel like a kid in a candy store thanks to its hints of vanilla and marshmallow as it fills the tub with pink, purple and yellow swirls, and The Comforter Bubble Bar has a fruit bubblegum fragrance that'll tickle your nose and fill your tub with bold pink bubbles. Lastly, the Candy Cane Bath Bar may look like it'd have a cinnamon scent, but it actually smells like sweet lemons, not melting but generating orange bubbles as it's run under the water. It can be used again and again to bring a little sunshine to the wintertime.





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