Bet You Didn't Know You Could Do THIS With Lush's Shower Jellies

If it wasn't already apparent, I'm a pretty big fan of Lush.

Their products aren't just good for me—they're also good for the environment. Plus, they have lots of vegan items I can easily incorporate into my own vegan lifestyle.

One of my favorite products happens to be their Refresher Shower Jelly.

Its invigorating lemony scent gives a much-needed boost to my energy whenever I use it and it always leaves my skin smelling great throughout the day.

When Lush got word of how much I adored this jelly, they sent a giant 3-foot slab of it my way. Needless to say, it was quite the unpacking experience.

Giant blob of Lush's Refresher Shower Jelly

The fact that it's shaped like a lemon is too cute.

After giving it one too many jiggles, I went to town cutting this bad boy up into pieces and putting it into various containers. I filled 10 containers to the brim with the jelly and still had about a fourth of it left, so I'm basically set for life now. Thanks, Lush!

Nine clear containers filled with Lush's Refresher Shower Jelly

I've used my fair share of shower jellies before. They're one of my favorite ways to wash my body up in the shower.

The first time you use them is a little tricky, with the jelly slipping out of your hands every time you try to grip it, but it kind of makes your shower experience that much more exciting.

Being vegan, the reason I'm a huge fan of these jellies is that they don't contain gelatin. What gives these bad boys their wiggle is an ingredient called carrageenan, which comes from seaweed. Amazing, right?

But that isn't even the best part of this product. A little birdy over at Lush HQ shared an ingenious tip for maximizing the use of shower jellies, especially when it's hot as heck outside.

Turns out you can put your jelly in the freezer before you take a shower for a wonderfully chilly experience. The more you know!

After learning this, I put my tub of Refresher into my freezer for about three hours before I stepped into the tub. Lathering up my body with the icy cold jelly felt so nice, especially because it's been way too hot for my liking recently. I also noticed the lemon scent was more noticeable and lasted longer when I used the chilled jelly.

This useful tip has definitely changed the way I'll be using my shower jellies from now on. The blazing summer heat is no match for Lush's cool product.


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