Lush's Dreamy New Shower Products Are Exactly What You Need for the End of Summer

There's something about Lush products that we find completely irresistible, and the newest products released in their summer line are particularly luxurious and delicious-smelling.

When the company asked if we were interested in trying any of samples of their summery new soaps, jellies, and scrubs, we jumped at the opportunity. They sent us three of their faves, and here's exactly what we thought of them.


(via Lush)

Sleepy Soap: $7.95

This lovely bar of soap is shaped like a dreamy little pink and purple cloud, and for good reason. It replicates the scent of the company's slumber-inducing Sleepy Lotion, combining lavender and ylang ylang to generate a gorgeous scent that immediately calms the mind and body and makes it easier to fall asleep. Tonka bean adds a vanilla-like scent that'll make you feel like you're bathing in sweetness.

It's also an oat milk-based bar, which gives it an extremely rich, creamy lather, leaving any bathwater an opaque and milky white. This helps it go on extremely smooth and leaves the skin feeling ultra-hydrated, making it perfect for your nighttime bath. Its strong scent even means that you'll have a constant reminder of its presence. The only downside, if you could call it one, is that you might catch some of its sleepy fumes during the wrong time of day. It smells so good that we don't mind.


Lush Sleepy Soap


Twilight Shower Jelly: $8.95

If you love the smell of the Sleepy Soap but want to bathe in something a little more subtle, the Twilight Shower Jelly might be exactly right for you. It's got the same blend of lavender and ylang ylang for an herbal, soothing effect and tonka for a little sweetness, but because the scent isn't as strong, you run a lesser risk of lulling yourself to sleep with it if you don't typically shower at night.

The jelly itself has a beautiful look, blending purple and blue galaxy colors complete with tons of tiny sparkles representing the stars. Despite the glitz and glitter, you won't see any of it transfer to your skin when you use it. Though Lush's slightly wobbly shower jellies can be a little awkward to use—especially if you're being gentle and trying not to break them—they're basically used in the same way as a bar of soap. It's a little pricier than the other items here, but it'll also last for ages, which makes it totally worth the cost.

Lush Twilight Shower Jelly


Aurora Borealis Naked Shower Scrub: $5.95

The Aurora Borealis Naked Shower Scrub is something completely different. It's a vibrantly colored sugar and salt scrub with an amazing tropical pineapple scent layered with lemony citrus, and it's just the thing for you if you haven't exfoliated in a bit. It feels amazing against your skin, leaving rainbow streaks on your body as your scrub away all your troubles (and any pesky dead skin).

While Lush recommends rinsing and patting it dry between uses, we think it might be an even better idea to break the dry scrub up into halves, or even thirds, before use. It's pretty sizable, so unless you're going for a very deep scrub, you're not going to use it all at once—and housing it on the side of the bath can leave a colorful puddle in its wake, even if it's as dry as you can get it. It can also create a bit of a mess in the tub, so be sure to spray everything down properly after your shower.


Lush Aurora Borealis Naked Shower Scrub


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