I Tried Every Single Item From Lush's Valentine's Day Collection and I'm in L-O-V-E????

Hi, I'm Ashley and I'm obsessed with Lush.

You name a product, I can guarantee I've tried it or currently have it sitting somewhere in my bathroom. So when Lush dropped their new Valentine's Day collection, I immediately purchased every single item.

After trying them all, here's my honest opinion of each V-Day item:

Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb

Lush's Rose Bombshell bath bomb

The second I dropped this bath bomb into the tub, a soft pink color began fizzing. Once the bath bomb was completely broken down, the yellow rose petals that were in the center of it made their way out and around the bathtub. I pretty much felt like a Disney princess relaxing in the water. Made with rose and lemon oil, this bath bomb's scent left me feeling all sorts of serene.

Lush's Rose Bombshell bath bomb broken down in bath tub


Prince Charming Shower Cream

Lush's Prince Charming shower cream

As pink as this shower cream looks in the bottle, it's even more vibrant when it comes out. Scrubbing my body clean with neon pink suds isn't something I'm used to, but a welcomed change. It's not just the color you notice, however, but also the shower cream's enticing aroma. Blended with cocoa butter, pomegranate and vanilla, its subtle fruity scent had me smelling fresher than a daisy all day long.


Lover Lamp Bath Bomb

Lush's Lover Lamp bath bomb

Though it's simply white, there's so much more to the Love Lamp bath bomb than meets the eye. When it dissolves, red cocoa butter hearts surround you in the tub. There are even some sparkles in this bath bomb that left my skin shimmery all day long. Its zesty orange fragrance was a bit overpowering for me, though.

Lush's Lover Lamp bath bomb broken down in water


Love Spell Massage Bar

Lush's Love Spell massage bar

I've never used a massage bar before, and after trying Love Spell, I'm so mad at myself for taking this long to finally test one out. After an exhausting workout the day before, my muscles were incredibly sore. Using this floral-scented massage bar almost entirely rid me of my aches and pains. I did get a little carried away and put far too much on, which left my skin slippery and slick for a hot minute, but I didn't exactly mind.


Two Hearts Beating as One Luxury Bath Melt

Lush's Two Hearts Beating as One luxury bath melt

When they say luxury bath melt, they're not kidding. This bad boy left my skin feeling smooth for days after I used it, thanks to the cocoa butter and almond oil compiled in it. It did take a little longer than I expected to fully melt in the tub, but after how soft it made my skin, I wasn't complaining.

Lush's Two Hearts Beating as One luxury bath melt broken down in water


Love You, Love You Lots Soap

Lush's Love You, Love You Lots soap

Chock-full of almost every type of rose ingredient you can imagine, this bar of soap is almost too cute to use. If you're not super into the smell of roses, this guy definitely isn't for you. For those who are, expect your body to smell like roses all day and night after lathering yourself up with Love You, Love You Lots. Along with the Two Hearts bath melt, this soap aided in maintaining my skin's silky texture.


Over and Over Bath Bomb

Lush's Over and Over bath bomb

A blend of pink, yellow and orange, the Over and Over bath bomb is nothing short of colorful. After it was fully dissolved, it turned the bath water into a cheerful orange. And its invigorating citrus fragrance left me feeling ready to take on the world. I highly endorse using this bath bomb in the morning if you have time, to help you wake up and add a little more pep to your step.

Lush's Over and Over bath bomb being broken down in water


The Kiss Lip Scrub

Lush's The Kiss lip scrub

Though each item in this collection is themed around Valentine's Day, The Kiss lip scrub was by far the most thematic in my eyes. A radiant pink with cute little hearts mixed in, this scrub smells like bubblegum and tastes just as delicious. A little goes a long way when it comes to using it, too. I scooped a pea-sized amount onto my lips and it scrubbed them clean in less than 30 seconds.


The Kiss Lip Gloss

Lush's The Kiss lip gloss

And what better to pair The Kiss lip scrub with than with The Kiss lip gloss? Normally I'm not one to wear tinted lip balm, so I loved that this one had a faint shimmery shade. I kept reapplying way too often, which left my lips a little stickier than I would've liked. Pro tip: Not a lot is needed to keep your lips feeling totally kissable!

Girl wearing Lush's The Kiss lip gloss


Lovestruck Bubble Bar

Lush's Lovestruck bubble bar

If you feel pretty heart eyes looking at this little guy, you're not alone. I had to talk myself up to crumble it into my bath water, but I'm so glad I did. Like the Over and Over bath bomb, I felt energized after bathing in the Lovestruck bubble bar's bubbles. Not sure if it was because of the lemon aroma or its cutesy design, but it was probably a combination of both. Playing with the bubbles it produced left me feeling like a kid in a candy store. I for sure made a few bubble mountains and one extra large bubble beard.


Cupid Bath Bomb

Lush's Cupid bath bomb

The Cupid bath bomb dissolved into a fun purple color. It's definitely the color water I imagine aliens to bathe in. And its fresh raspberry smell had me reminiscing about spring. Needless to say, I'm highly looking forward to that season.

Lush's Cupid bath bomb broken down in water


Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

Lush's Unicorn Horn bubble bar

Saving the most magical for last, the Unicorn Horn bubble bar did not disappoint. Again, it was one I didn't want to breakdown, but it had to be done. It had a nice lavender smell and produced slight purple bubbles on bubbles on bubbles.


Though I'm obsessed with every product from this collection, my top three faves were the Over and Over bath bomb, the Lovestruck bubble bar and the Two Hearts Beating as One luxury bath melt.

Hit up the Lush store nearest you or purchase these items to try them out yourself before they're gone forever!


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