These 6 Luxe Water Bottles Will Make You Rethink Your Hydro Flask

It's 2019, which means we're living in an era where water bottles do so much more than hold our H20.

The water bottles we carry can reveal our personality, our personal style and even our bank accounts.

While some bottles (the Hydro Flask, for example) have proven to be more popular than others in recent years, there are some pretty ultra-sleek products to sip from that are sure to turn heads. If you think you're ready to splurge (or simply just want to scope), keep reading for six luxe water bottles that'll make you rethink your Hydro Flask.

Glacce Amethyst Bottle: $84

Complete with a large amethyst stone that promotes calm, intuition, passion and creativity when paired with water, the contents of this bottle form a crystal elixir, which means "miracle substance." On top of the product's reported benefits, it'll also spark conversations with random people, as some of us here who own the bottle have experienced.

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Longemity Crystal-Infused Water Bottle in Devotion $99.95

Much like Glacce's bottles, Longemity's, too, form "miracle substances" with the combination of water and a built-in crystals. Devotion, in particular (which happens to be one we actually own), is made up of rose and clear quartz, which is said to restore balance, heal one's confidence and emotions, and attract love. While some of us are still waiting on Prince Charming, general attraction is no issue, as this bottle certainly catches the eye!  

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VitaJuwel ViA Forever Young Water Bottle: $120

By far the most extravagant option on the list, this bottle is also the most eye-catching. Whether or not you believe in the power of stones, sometimes their beauty alone inspires us or makes us feel more confident. This combination of aquamarine, aventurine, smoky quartz and clear quartz is said to promote cleansing, stress-relief and peace—but, above all else, it really is the ideal style accessory.

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LARQ Self-Cleaning Bottle: $95

Talk about finesse and function! This heavy-duty, dual-shaded bottle (which comes in several color options) is not only one of the sleekest hydration products out there, it's also one of the most high-tech. Using UV-C light, it neutralizes almost 100% of harmful, odor-causing bacteria. It also self-cleans every two hours, so, for the avid water-drinker, calling this purchase money well-spent is an understatement.

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Bkr Spiked Air Kiss 1L: $58

This bottle takes edgy to new heights. If you prefer anything but the norm, this adorably spiked sipper is sure to get you all the attention (while poking your enemies in the meantime—we kid!).

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Hidrate Spark 2.0 Smart Water Bottle: $59.99

You glow girl! This water bottle, which comes in a multitude of vibrant colors, connects to your smart phone or FitBit and tracks your daily water intake. If you're behind, it glows to remind you to stay hydrated. So we guess this will serve a dual purpose if you go walking in the dark.

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