Here's What You Need to Know About LVMH and Stella McCartney's New 3-Piece Skincare Line

Stella McCartney is bringing on a whole new business venture into her life.

She's been known for her luxury fashion brand, but she's not stopping there! Stella has created a three-piece skincare line in partnership with LVMH, and together, they've worked hard to design products that are actually good for our skin and are sustainable.

It's not easy competing with the billions of products the beauty industry releases yearly, however, Stella and LVMH have made merchandise that is good for long-lasting beauty rather than some companies who want fast, short-term results.

As a child, Stella spent much of her time outside in the lake at her family's High Park Farm in Scotland and she even remembers feeling the cool water and minerals on her skin that made her face feel tight. She has now developed this idea into a reality! Continue below to learn all about her new three-piece skincare line.

Stella McCartney herself

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Alter-Care Serum: $140

The first of the three products is the Alter-Care Serum. This serum is harmonious with your skin to benefit its essential functions: regeneration and protection. It's vegan, cruelty-free and made with 99% natural-origin ingredients. Also, the serum is dermatologically and ophthalmologist tested. And, if you like the product, the bottle is refillable and recyclable!

When using, massage two to three pumps into your face, neck, lower neckline and eye contour. This will reduce dark circles and wrinkles and make skin appear glowing, tight, plump and strengthened.

You can also buy a refill for $110.

Alter-Care Serum

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Reset Cleanser: $60

Next up is the Reset Cleanser! This is a 2-in-1 cleanser that removes makeup and pollution from your face while not changing your skin's pH. The formula is gentle and won't burn your eyes. Also, the skin will feel oxygenated and leave you looking luminous and revived!

This can be used on damp or dry skin with just a few pumps and wet hands. All you need to do is rub your hands together and massage the product into your face. Rinse off with water and pat your face dry!

The refill for this product is just $45.

Reset Cleanser

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Restore Cream: $105

The third and final product in the LVMH and Stella McCartney skincare line is the Restore Cream. This moisturizer hydrates and supports your top layer of skin and features a lightweight formula that fuses with the skin.

When your skin needs some nourishing, apply two to three pumps of cream to your face, neck and chest. And for extra comfort, it's suggested to layer this on top of the serum!

The refill cream is $85.

Restore Cream

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