Lyn Lapid's Most Gorgeous Lyrics to Use as Instagram Captions

Ever since she dropped her viral TikTok hit "Producer Man," singer-songwriter Lyn Lapid has quickly become one of our favorite artists on the rise—and with each new release, we fall even further in love with her deeply emotional, genre-defying tracks.

She seriously never misses the mark, in part due to her thoughtful and honest lyricism. If you agree, keep reading for some of Lyn's most gorgeous lyrics to use as your next Instagram caption.

For when your head hasn't been kind to you lately:

"Oh, but darling, running ain't enough to escape from the monsters in my brain."

"In My Mind"


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For when someone has absolutely destroyed your heart:

"Now I'll never open up again and you're the reason why."

-"Cruel Intentions"


For when you're still discovering who you are:

"How do you be yourself? I don't know where to begin."


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For when you're just not ready to confess your feelings:

"I know that there's three little words that I want you to hear, but I back out each winter each year."

-"Messed Up on Christmas"


For when you're avoiding the start of the school year and everything that goes along with it:

"Wonder if I can outrun September."

-"I Guess That Was Goodbye"


For when you're completely caught up in someone:

"Caught in your deadly obsession."

-"Itsy Bitsy"


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For when you've been single for a little too long:

"I want the clichés. I want the heartbreak that makes me cry."

"Ruin My Life"


For one of those lovely, lazy days:

"It's so fun to be, wasting my days on a ton of sleep."

-"My Sunny Day"

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For when you've realized you've changed yourself way too much for a boy:

"Knew his way to get the girl to listen, made her into someone she isn't."

-"Producer Man"


For when the late hours are your time for overthinking:

"Night's a fair-weather friend, lets daylight come in."

"I Guess That Was Goodbye"


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For when most people don't know the real you because of your shyness:

"People say I'm quiet most of the time. If only you knew what goes on in my mind."

"In My Mind"

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For when you're a little bit tired of playing it safe all the time:

"It'd be nice to jump in, do something on a whim, just to be reckless."



For when you're going through a dark period:

"They'd ask, 'Where did my little ball of sunshine go?' and I say, 'If you ever happen to find out, let me know.'"

-"Growing Up"


For when you have to defend what you've been up to lately:

"I'm not toxic, I swear."

-"In My Mind"


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For when you stop trying to look like everyone else:

"I tried to be pretty, but I vowed to never try again."



For when what you used to get bullied for is suddenly in fashion:

"And now she wants to get 'em done my way, like she didn't just make fun of mine yesterday."

-"Light Blue"


For when you really can't deal with someone else's problems anymore:

"Wanna be honest, I got no time to be your little therapist."

-"Your Little Therapist"

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For when someone's on very thin ice:

"You got until the count of three, and by the end I'm leavin'."

-"Itsy Bitsy"


For when you're pining for the past:

"I wish I had a time machine to take us back."

-Time Machine"


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