9 Lyrics That Make Perfect Rainy Day Instagram Captions

Rainy days don't have to be an Insta feed killer.

Make the most out of the stormy season by creatively captioning every Instagram photo you take in the rain with one of these lyrics.

For the romantic rainy day photo with your S.O.:

"Would you light the night and make the sunshine rain/ Would you take it all and make it alright?"Harry Styles, "When I Get You"


For the photo of you and your bestie splashing around in the storm:

"A day without you is like a year without rain."Selena Gomez, "A Year Without Rain"


For the sunny day photo you post in the middle of a week-long downpour:

"I'm taking pictures in my mind/ So I can save them for a rainy day."Taylor Swift, "Stay Beautiful"


For the selfie of you looking stylish in your cutest rain gear:

"I'll put on my raincoat, my yellow raincoat/ Baby, it's keeping me dry."Justin Bieber, "Yellow Raincoat"

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For the rainy day landscape photo that's gloomy and beautiful all at once:

"Grey city, grey buildings, grey roads, grey rain."BTS, "Rain" (translated to English)

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For the stormy morning selfie you're secretly using to try to get the attention of your crush:

"Just know I'm right here hoping/ That you'll come in with the rain."Demi Lovato, "Come in With the Rain"


For your moodiest selfie against the backdrop of a grey, drizzly sky:

"Like the rain on a sunny day/ There's a shadow behind your face."Niall Horan, "Since We're Alone"


For when the rain just won't  let up and you're totally rained-in:

"The rain won't stop falling/ It's harder than before."Ed Sheeran, "Fire Alarms"


For the obligatory out-the-window photo of raindrops on glass:

"I open up the curtains/ To hear the thunder and the rain"Charlie Puth, "Tangerine Dreams"

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