I Tried 6 Shades From MAC's Metallic Lips Collection, Making Me Sparkly for the Summer

There's no wrong time for a little shimmer in your life, and thanks to MAC Cosmetics' Metallic Lips Collection, you can sport a little sparkle any season, all day long.

I got my hands on six of the 18 limited edition shades and each one added an entirely different dimension to an otherwise simple ensemble. I threw on a plain white tee and a black choker, and I let the sparkle-sampling begin.

Before I get into my individual reviews, let me preface by saying the glitter itself, stays on strong, so even after a strong wiping, don't expect to get rid of it completely. And the sticks do give off a slight sense of discomfort on the lips, due to their consistency. But the colors go on incredibly smooth, and as you'll see below, they can surely amplify an otherwise basic look.


Whether you're more of a neutral girl or love to make a bold statement, there is definitely something for every shimmer-lovin' lady. Keep scrolling to see what I mean!

Ionized Iris

This shade is definitely my favorite. It truly epitomizes "pop of color." It took my plain white tee from plain to insane (in the best way possible). Also, who doesn't love a bold pink lip? And with that added shimmer, you can't possibly go unnoticed!



Anything Once

This is definitely a more serious, nighttime tone, but I sure do love it. This is probably the most difficult hue to pull off out of the tested batch, but if you love a bold lip, then you shouldn't have a problem!



Silver Spoon

If you're not entirely comfortable going bold just yet, Silver Spoon is the perfect happy-medium between subtle and strong. The color itself isn'too vibrant, but the shimmer will surely show through more than with the brighter shades.



Wild Nectar

If you want a noticeable lip color, but feel like Ionized Iris is a little too shocking, Wild Nectar is a more subdued version with a little more brown and a little less pink. Perfect for work or play, this is the shade you want for versatility.



In Lust

For the subtle lipstick wearer, this is your ultimate bet. You get the hint of shimmer without the huge boost of shade. For me, I need something a little more poppy, but this color will definitely serve its purpose for some.



Pearly One

This is obviously the lightest of the colors tested, and while I personally probably wouldn't wear it by itself, I can definitely see myself swiping it atop a bold matte shade to create the perfect color-shimmer standout combo.



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