Here's What MAC's Dazzleglass Lip Glosses Look Like On

They're back!

After disappearing for what feels like forever, MAC relaunched their Dazzleglass lip glosses with 16 sparkly shades this past July.

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I was pretty stoked on these beauts making a comeback, as I'm a fan of any lip product that'll add some much needed shimmer and shine to my lips.

MAC was nice enough to send me four of their colors—Sugarrimmed, Get Rich Quick, Boys Go Crazy and Love Alert.

Scroll below to see how they look on and to find out which one I liked the best.


A pale pink with red, teal and white pearl, I already knew I'd be a fan of this gloss the second I took it out of the box. It had the perfect amount of glimmer, but wasn't too in your face. This was by far my favorite of the glosses I tried on. You can't go wrong with a simple pink.

Ashley wearing MAC's Dazzleglass lip gloss in Sugarrimmed

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Get Rich Quick

I was a bit nervous before I tried on this color. I wasn't too sure it was the right fit for me, but it ended up looking better on than I anticipated. The color is a warm yellow-brown, which doesn't sound all too alluring, but it's actually a really nice color. It was definitely meant for those of you who, like me, aren't a fan of overly bold lip hues.

Ashley wearing MAC's Dazzleglass lip gloss in Get Rich Quick

(via MAC)


Boys Go Crazy

I'm not too sure if all the boys will go crazy for this dark purple shade with a blue undertone, but I sure dig it. It definitely makes me feel a little vampy, so I can see myself rocking this on a night out. As far as wearing it every day, I don't think I could pull it off.

Ashley wearing MAC's Dazzleglass in Boys Go Crazy

(via MAC)


Love Alert

I love me a good red lip. I wholeheartedly believe it's the one color every single person can pull off. I really do think Love Alert, a raspberry red with red pearl, is the color for everyone. It's not too soft, but it also isn't too in your face.

Ashley wearing MAC's Dazzleglass lip gloss in Love Alert

(via MAC)


Overall Thoughts

I really liked all of the Dazzleglass colors I was able to try on.

They all have the perfect amount of shimmer in them, so your lips will wow every time they catch the light. I can't speak for the other 12 shades, but I imagine they'd be just as sparkly.

The only thing I found annoying about the glosses is how glossy they are. Taking them off is kind of a pain, as they just stuck to my lips. Though that's a major annoyance, it's also sort of a benefit. I like my lips and rub them together multiple times throughout the day, so it was nice to know that the glosses will still stay on with all this friction happening.

Each Dazzlegloss retails for $17 on the MAC website. They're a bit on the pricey side, but they're honestly worth the splurge.


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