MAC's Lunar New Year Makeup Collection Is FIRE

There's nothing we love more than finding new makeup to add to our everyday routines, and MAC's Lunar New Year collection instantly earned our stamp of approval from the first time we tried it out.

From lipsticks to stunning highlighters, eyeshadows and more, the New Year Shine Collection from MAC is something that should be on everyone's radars. Whether you're looking for a fun way to ring in the Lunar New Year or just want an excuse to buy some makeup, keep scrolling to get a look at all of the New Year Shine products from MAC.

New Year Shine Matte Lipstick: $23

MAC knows how to make a stunning matte lipstick. They're never drying and always have a creamy aspect, and these best-selling shades in limited-edition packaging definitely belong in your makeup collection. Taupe Of The List, Lookin' Like Wealth, Russian Red and Chili are all included.

(via MAC Cosmetics)


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New Year Shine M•A•CSTACK Mascara: $31

If you've ever tried out MAC's best-selling M•A•CSTACK Mascara, you know how incredible of a product it is. With each swipe on your lashes, they'll grow in length and volume, leaving you with clump-free lashes. We happen to love the formula even more in this limited-edition packaging.

(via MAC Cosmetics)


New Year Shine Extra Dimension SkinFinish: $44

There's something about highlighter that we simply can't live without, and if you feel the same way, you need to get your hands on these beautiful SkinFinishes. Coming in the shades Beaming Blush and Show Gold, these liquid-to-powder highlighters are long-lasting and will provide you with the luminosity you crave.

(via MAC Cosmetics)


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New Year Shine Glow Play Blush: $36

You can never have too much blush in your makeup collection, and if you're looking to add another to your ever-growing pile, we think you'll fall in love with the Glow Play Blush. Buildable and coming in a powder formula with a lightweight, spongey texture, this blush will leave your cheeks looking flush and radiant.

(via MAC Cosmetics)


New Year Shine Fix +: $34

If you haven't tried out MAC's Fix + spray, what are you even doing? It's arguably one of the best setting sprays on the market and is loaded with hydrating ingredients. Spritz this on your face before, during and even after your makeup routine to prep and prime the skin for makeup.

(via MAC Cosmetics)


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New Year Shine Eyeshadow x 8: $45

Last but not least in the New Year Shine collection is this stunner of an eyeshadow palette. With eight shades in warm-toned neutrals, the eye makeup possibilities are endless. The shades include Blessings In Disguise, Happy Gold Lucky, Brown Sugar, Year Of Glam, Wishful Pinking, Gold With Luck, Rosé To The Occasion and Wine Glass Half-Full.

(via MAC Cosmetics)


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