The Mastermind Behind These Adorable Macarons Reveals Her Baking Secrets

Have you ever seen a macaron you didn't want to eat? Probably not.

Just one look at the sweet confection and we cave.

We caught up with Meghan Rosko, known on Instagram as @nutmegandhoney, to see what goes into making these sweet treats that have us weak in the knees.

Scroll below for some baking inspo and a glance at some of her most unique macaron creations.

Sweety High: What's your favorite baked good you've made to date?

Meghan Rosko: I think my favorite baked good was the puppy macaron that looked like the Snapchat filter. They were a hit!


SH: When did you begin baking? Has it always been one of your passions?

MR: I started baking about two years ago. It began with simple sugar cookies for friends and family, but eventually grew to my very own business where I began expanding into French macarons and cakes. Before my business started I was never a huge baker. I liked to eat sweets, but I never caught the "baking bug" until two years ago.


SH: Do you have any professional training?

MR: I am fully self-taught!


SH: When did you make your first macaron? 

MR: I made my first macaron about a year ago and it was NOT a success. I remember getting so frustrated because the macarons didn't have the pretty "feet" or ridges around them. With a little pep talk and numerous attempts, I finally mastered the French macaron and all the mistakes were worth it!


SH: How long does it typically take to make each of your creations?

MR: It varies from each recipe and design. On average, sugar cookies and macarons usually take me a few hours, but cakes can take a whole day. There is a lot of waiting around for things to dry and cool, so that accounts for some time.


SH: What's the longest it has ever taken you to make one of your macaron creations?

MR: I remember spending the whole weekend on my cactus macarons because this was one of my first macaron videos. Everything went much slower than anticipated, but I had a lot of fun that weekend and the results definitely paid off.


SH: How do you decide what the theme of your baked good will be? Where do you usually draw inspiration from?

MR: I love looking at what's trending on Pinterest and Instagram to find some popular design options for my creations. I draw inspiration from everything. Foods, patterns and nature elements are some of my favorite works to recreate.


SH: Do you have any bakers that inspire you?

MR: Some of my favorite bakers are Katherine Sabbath, Caroline Khoo and Martha Stewart.


SH: If you could eat one baked goodie for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

MR: It would be the salted caramel macaron because I love the sweet and salty flavor combination, and I would never get tired of looking at a cute macaron!


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