The Best Lyrics From Machine Gun Kelly's Ticket To My Downfall Album That Make Killer Instagram Captions

Our love for Machine Gun Kelly knows no bounds.

From his rap days to his new and improved alt-rock sound, we're his biggest fans. Plus, his relationship with fiancé Megan Fox and bestie Travis Barker give us all the feels! If you love the singer-songwriter as much as we do, you've come to the right place. Continue below for the best lyrics from Machine Gun Kelly'Ticket To My Downfall album that make killer Instagram captions!

For when you're enjoying your youth:

"I'm still young, wasting my youth. I'll grow up next summer."

-"Drunk Face"


For when you're in a whirlwind romance:

"I don't do fake love, but I'll take some from you tonight."

-"Bloody Valentine"


For when you're looking into your love's eyes:

"It's an emotional kaleidoscope when I face you."

-"Forget Me Too"


For when you look super out of place:

"All I know is I don't know nothin'. All I know is I don't know nothin' at all."

-"All I Know"


For when you post a pic of the person you miss most:

"Lonely, lonely, even when the room is full. I'd trade it, trade it, I would trade it all for you."



For when you and your S.O. are locking lips:

"Cover my mouth with yours so there's nothing to say. Even the silence that I have with you is okay."

-"Hangover Cure"


For when you take a selfie showing off your makeup:

"Your eyes already told me what you never said."

-"My Ex's Best Friend"


For when you're living your best life:

"If the world was coming to an end, I don't want to close my eyes without feeling like I lived."

-"Banyan Tree"


For when you post a throwback kissing your GF:

"Her lips are soda, and I just miss the way they taste."

-"Body Bag"


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